Daily Prompt – Word Of The Day: Recover

Whether it be illness or grief or whatever has impacted you greatly it takes time to recover. It’s not easy and oftentimes times you never fully recover who you were but you become something different or new. People find themselves wondering what’s next and will they be whole again. To recover means to get something back too and sometimes a loss is just that a loss and there must be a new way forward.


Daily Prompt – Word Of The Day: Death

My dad passed away on August 24th. He’s no longer with us on Earth. I know he is with the Saints and Angels of heaven but that doesn’t change the fact I hate he is not here. Death is something I hate with everything I have. Sure it’s a cure but its also a price you pay for living or so it seems. My goodness so many good people go into eternity but it still sucks. Losing people is awful. I do wish people didn’t have to go but you know they have to because bodies wear out and all that jazz. Death sucks, it just does. Screw death.


Daily Prompt – Word Of The Day: Daddy

I still think of my father as a daddy. Yeah I am almost 50 but I still see my father through the eyes and heart of a kid. I don’t call him daddy but I prefer the word dad but you get where I am coming from. My daddy is slowing down and his health isn’t so good these days. Really, its hard for me to see the reality of seeing this man I have known all my life not be able to do the things he has always done. It’s all about aging at this point. Daddy you are still number one.




Daily Prompt – Word Of The Day: Sanctuary

A sanctuary is a place where you are to feel the divine, the holy and the sacred. It’s also a place of safety. peace and love. Today everyone is trying to find that place where they are free from fear. So many need sanctuary to escape the troubles of the world that is increasingly hard to live in. Wherever that place is for you may it be a source of life and renewal so you can face the challenges of tomorrow or just to get through today.


Daily Prompt – Word Of The Day: Lucky

Being lucky or being blessed is a matter of perspective and personal divinity. It’s interesting to see who gets lucky or blessed with things you wish you had. Envy is not a good look but its a honest emotion. People who seem to get the best, the first, the most make you wonder what did they do to get where they are. God blesses. The universe gives. Luck whether it be gambling or sports or whatever is kind of a mystery and really a chance thing that can be good or bad depending on your situation.


Daily Prompt – Word Of The Day: Feast

I was looking at some family photos on my granddad’s computer yesterday and a picture from thanksgiving came up where the family feast was being laid out. All sorts of traditional fare was on the counter where we serve buffet style which brought back some happy memories. Sometimes there’s more to the feast than just the food. It’s the people who make it special. Feasting can be fun when there are those who you like and love who are there to share company and to break bread.


Daily Prompt – Word Of The Day: Learning

Everyday is an opportunity to find out something you didn’t know before. If you pay attention you might encounter something new will inspire you to find out more. The amount of knowledge in the world is amazing. I suspect no one will know everything there is to know about everything. Facts are important here as to differentiate between spin and opinion. Wisdom can help us apply our new found information. Learning is indeed a life-long process and it is more about action than anything else. Maybe if we did more learning it would inspire us to change ourselves and the world around us.


Daily Prompt – Word Of The Day: Hope

Hope is a strong thing. It’s something people hold dear. Without hope many struggle to keep going. Anticipating that things will happen in a certain way is universal. Hope can give us strength or disappointment depending on the situation. Hope for the best results but prepare for the worst. Either way hope drives us and keeps us going. My friends hope for a better today and tomorrow.