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Daily Prompt – Word Of The Day: Immature

As a man of a certain age I at times can be immature. I suppose the older we get we revert to an earlier age when we were childish or something like that. Life situations can make it hard to cope so we fall back on our childhood to give us a way to deal with them. Adulting can suck and all we want to do is build a blanket fort, get our comic books and fruity cereal and maybe whine about the world. Yeah sometimes immaturity has its perks.

Daily Prompt – Word Of The Day: Gratitude

Living with an attitude of gratitude is always a good thing. Being grateful for what you have and not worrying about the rest can make life easier. Thankfulness is a blessed thing. Be glad for the people and things you have no matter what.

Daily Prompt – Word Of The Day: Traditions

There are traditions around the world that celebrate a new year coming. It’s a thing that brings humanity together to remember the old and realize the promise of the new. Whether we like it or not there will be a new year every year. So as we head into 2019 may the traditions that we have continue to connect us to past and present and future. So my friends I hope you have a great year ahead.

Daily Prompt – Word Of The Day: Promising

A new year is dawning and its promising to be one of mystery and opportunity. Like every new year we have the chance to make it something special. However as promising as it might be there will be challenges along the way.

Daily Prompt – Word Of The Day: Imagination

Imagination can fuel solutions to a lot of problems. It can be the driving force of creativity. For a child it can help them dream and sometimes survive their circumstances. Magic contains a lot of imagination and vice versa. Just think about where our world would be without the stream of consciousness known as imagination. We need it to cope with the tough world we live in.

Daily Prompt – Word Of The Day: Stunning

It’s amazing when people who you know change so much that it is stunning to your system. I am seeing this a lot on Facebook where friends are belligerent and mean spirited. They will attack your opinion which feels like they are attacking you. It’s also stunning when they don’t care that they hurt you deeply. The world is full of stunning situations and people these days.