Remembering My Alma Mater Hiwassee College

Four years ago was the last time I stepped on campus at Hiwassee College before it closed after more than 150 years of ministry and service to the community and the world. Thanks for the memories and the people I met. I miss you Hiwassee College.

Another Shooting – Nashville

There has been another mass shooting in America. This time it was in Nashville, Tennessee at a Christian school. Three students and three adults were killed. I talked about rest yesterday but this is something where no one can rest until something is done. There are many solutions, pick one. It’s better than doing nothing and having people still die. We should all be sick of this. How many lives must perish before something is done? Unfortunately, Tennessee’s governor is fighting culture wars that no one asked to be fought.

The Christmas Gift Of Life #BloodDonation @bloodassurance

As you may know I work for a blood bank. Today I donated once again to give the gift of life to 3 lives. Blood donation is an easy way to help others during the holiday season. Do something to make the world a better place.

Go Vote Today In Tennessee #GoVoteTN #Vote2022 #Vote

Today is election day in Tennessee where local and state races are on the ballot. Voting is a right and a duty that I take seriously.

Here in Hamilton County, Tennessee we are electing a new mayor, district attorney and sheriff. Let’s hope for the best that there will be fair minded people who will serve and lead our community.

Me And A Local Celebrity, David Carroll

So a local celebrity came to church today. David Carroll is a local news anchor for WRCB-TV3 (NBC) here in Chattanooga. He’s a wonderful storyteller and historian. David is a great asset to our community. It was good to meet him in person after being connected via social feeds and the like.