Rambling About Serving Two Masters

Serving two masters can be really hard. I have learned this in life the hard way. People can multi-task but at what cost. I know people who are working multiple jobs and a lot of hours in all of them. It takes a special person to keep things organized and working right in their lives so as we struggle to keep our heads above water are we effective in getting the job done? Many miss opportunities to be there for family, friends and community. I think as the cost of living goes up the harder it is to make ends meet. You have to work real hard to make it in the world today and we all are working for a living, or something like that.

Happy Back To The Future Day – The Future Is Here!

Today is the day that the DeLorean time machine built by Dr. Emmett L. Brown was programmed to travel into the future in the movie “Back To The Future”.

We actually visit this date in the movie “Back To the Future Part II”. The 1980’s vision of the future is very different than the reality we face here in 2015. There are a few things that are close to what the movie predicted. Today is a celebration of this great movie trilogy and how it helped us imagine the future in a different way.