Live In Peace

I wish we could all live in peace instead of having to wait to rest in peace. The things that give us grief, pain and emotional suffering should not be allowed to determine the course of our lives. There is too much chaos in the world and in our lives. Whatever hurts your hearts good people get help and have a awesome life. Harmony is always better than harm.

Ailments Of The Heart and Soul

It’s sad when family and friends have ailments of the heart and soul. Anytime there is suffering it is a reminder of how fragile we really are. When one person hurts it involves others too who are concerned and care for them. There are conditions people battle for years and require intensive care. Some friends of mine carry a heavy burden and I ask for God to help them through this. May we all have peace in our hearts and soul.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Hello Wednesday, its good to see you. We are at the mid-way point of the week and that is good news. I am just about ready for the week to be done with. Like every other adult you gotta power through. Today will be a much slower pace or so I hope. Lets get things done today and be good in the process. Have a great day everyone!