Playboy, The Cover Up

OK, I confess, I have looked at Playboy Magazine and not always for the articles. Please don’t hate me, K. Today’s announcement of the magazine stopping publication of nude photos of women is definitely a change in the direction of the for the company that has made the centerfold a iconic thing. When I saw the headline I was very surprised but things have changed and you have to do something different every once and awhile. Maybe it’s time to cover up and allow people to bear their souls instead of their bodies.

The Flip Phone, I Miss Them…Sometimes

I had a couple flip phones early in my cell phone life. The Motorola Razr was one of the best. In the world of Android and iPhones the simplicity of those devices is something I have fond memories for. Would I trade my Samsung 5s for the Razr today, nope. The world has changed but you know it’s good to have happy memories of flipping your phone to be cool…well I did that, not sure about others. Did you have a flip phone? What was your favorite?

Rambling About Getting Older

For me aging means needing my glasses to use my cell phone and falling asleep before the Late Show comes on. As I get older sleeping through the night is harder. Of course getting up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom is common. Getting older means facing ones own mortality too and no one wants to think of a time when they die. Now I am 46 and there are others who have lived much longer and have more stories to tell so I need to keep things in perspective. Life goes on and I need to enjoy it as long as I can. I enjoy my life and I pray it will get better as we go along. Getting older isn’t for the feint of heart.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

My oh my it’s been a busy Tuesday. I started off with a staff meeting at work then a presentation to a group of new employees. As I write this its mid-morning and I am now getting a few things done before I hop on the phones. It’s been a long day this morning. Coffee will be my friend today. Let’s hope the rest of this nice Fall day goes by smoothly.

My dear blogging friends I hope your day goes well. Do good things today good people. Grace and peace.

Did I mention I am not a fan of Tuesdays…yep, not a fan.