Hydrangeas Blooming in Fall

We have some hydrangea bushes in front of our house. They have struggled over the years but there is some blooming going on as the weather has gotten cooler. Each of them has a different color depending on the iron content in the soil they are growing in. It’s interesting how they grow. Everything has a season and these blooms are in theirs.

Rambling About Paying Attention

I am distracted, we are all perhaps distracted about something in our lives. So much is going on in my head that I am not listening well. Being distracted impacts my relationships with important people in my life. I think we could all agree that we are over stimulated with all sorts of things coming at us. Even when we aren’t using our electronic devices we still find ourselves distracted. Life seems to be more complex than in years past and I am not sure it will get better.

Too many of us are so burdened that we aren’t paying attention to the people that really matter in life. Maybe I need to cut a couple things out or perhaps I need to alter my behavior and learn to prioritize what I am doing in any given moment. I am wondering about how getting older makes it easier to be distracted or not? My friends what is your experience with paying attention, is it harder for you as time goes on, what do you do to focus on the main things in life.