The Work Week Is Done

We are at the end of the work week and I can say I had a good one. I felt like I am doing some good stuff in my new position. This has been a busy week but that is good. I have learned this week that leading people also means serving them too so that they have the best shot of doing their best.

Now the weekend is upon us and I have a chance to get things done at home too. I just hope I won’t be too tired to do do good things here. Sometimes our work is never done at home or on the job.

At the moment I am tired but its a good tired.

Deaths In America – Terrorism vs. Gun Violence

This graph is astonishing and sad at the same time. Something needs to be done about gun violence in our country. The terror at home is a serious problem. I get that citizens have the right to bear arms but I am not sure the founding fathers could have envisioned people with their own private arsenal. We live in such a wild west place now that it is truly scary.