The Work Week Is Done

We are at the end of the work week and I can say I had a good one. I felt like I am doing some good stuff in my new position. This has been a busy week but that is good. I have learned this week that leading people also means serving them too so that they have the best shot of doing their best.

Now the weekend is upon us and I have a chance to get things done at home too. I just hope I won’t be too tired to do do good things here. Sometimes our work is never done at home or on the job.

At the moment I am tired but its a good tired.

Deaths In America – Terrorism vs. Gun Violence

This graph is astonishing and sad at the same time. Something needs to be done about gun violence in our country. The terror at home is a serious problem. I get that citizens have the right to bear arms but I am not sure the founding fathers could have envisioned people with their own private arsenal. We live in such a wild west place now that it is truly scary.

Friday, October 2, 2015

It’s a wet, dreary, depressing day and its Friday so there is a mixed bag of feelings there. Work will be challenging today too so there is another wrinkle there. Buckling down and making the best of things will help me get through the day.

My friends have a great Friday no matter where you are. Let’s do this!