A Ramble About Cold War and Cuba

The longer you fight a war in your heart or mind the longer it wears on you and changes you. Eventually you forget what you were even fighting about in the first place. Perhaps the cold war of our souls should end so we can all live anew.

History is a good teacher but it is also something that holds us down from doing something new.

It’s past time for us to stop fighting the Cold War of the past and forge a new future with Cuba. It’s a place with a proud people who in other places in the world are treated better than they are by the old, tired guard of the USA. To create change there you must change here. 

Remember The People Of Brussels, Belgium Today

This morning explosions rocked the city of Brussels, Belgium injuring and killing many. News reports say that the airport and a subway station were sites of explosions. There is a possible terror connection but details are still coming in. Keep those people in your thoughts and prayers throughout the day. Hope for peace and justice in this situation. God be with them in the chaos.

Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with me…