Another Shooting – Nashville

There has been another mass shooting in America. This time it was in Nashville, Tennessee at a Christian school. Three students and three adults were killed. I talked about rest yesterday but this is something where no one can rest until something is done. There are many solutions, pick one. It’s better than doing nothing and having people still die. We should all be sick of this. How many lives must perish before something is done? Unfortunately, Tennessee’s governor is fighting culture wars that no one asked to be fought.

It’s Groundhog Day Once Again

Gobbler’s Knob in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania was the center of attention today as Phil the Groundhog made his prediction of 6 more weeks of winter. The way the weather has been I can believe it. So let’s enjoy the added chill and frost and even rain. Be safe.

Something About Law Enforcement

I support law enforcement. However, some police officers have no business wearing the uniform and carrying a gun. Better screening, better recruitment, and better training are needed. Also better pay to attract the best people who will become officers. Too many instances of what happened to Tyre Nichols, George Floyd, and others are happening. Police officers are to serve and protect or so I thought. Something must change. Change should have happened a long time ago.

Read All About It, Carefully

I am a long-time news junkie. Current events have been something I have been interested in since I was a kid. These days the news has become more tabloid it seems. Headlines are clickbait and you have to read things with a good amount of skepticism.

The truth is out there but finding it can be a challenge. Sometimes you have to check out multiple sources especially when you see breaking news.

Don’t believe everything you see on the internet. Keep an open mind to what you see and hear. Comments can break your brain and hurt your heart.

Read all about it but don’t do so with rose-colored glasses.

The Attack On Ukraine, May There Be Peace Again

The Russian military began attacking the nation of Ukraine on Wednesday 2/23/2022. This situation is dangerous and serious for those who call it home. The attack was unprovoked and is all sorts of wrong.

I’m hoping for an end to the violence and I’m asking that peace will come again. God be with those in harms way, keep them safe. May this be a call to action for people to love above all.

The Ukraine-Russia Situation

I am hoping for peace in the Ukraine-Russia situation. My thoughts are with the people of both nations. In the case of Russia, the people are at the mercy of whatever Vladimir Putin wants to do. His ego is writing a check that will cost the region if not the world dearly.

The global community must come together to condemn the actions of Putin. It’s my hope no blood will be shed by anyone. Economic sanctions are a good start but I hope the military will not be charged with fighting another war however peace often requires action with a cost.

First COVID now this. My goodness, let’s chill.

Give peace a chance, please.

Thoughts On #Afghanistan

The exiting of US troops from Afghanistan began in the previous United States Presidential administration. The current just finished the job. The US has been there shortly after 9/11 which means forces have been there for 20 years. I believe we did everything we could to help keep the Taliban at bay in that time.

It should never be a forever war and knowing trillions have been spent and thousands of military lives have been lost there is heartbreaking. Also heartbreaking is knowing that the lives women, LGBTQ, and some on the fringes will be in peril. It truly is a no-win situation.

What more can be done? Being there indefinitely is not an option. Afghanistan forces lost major cities and they fell like a house of cards. What took years to secure took only weeks to lose. God be with those who face a very dangerous and uncertain future.