Man On The Moon 50 Years Ago July 20, 1969 #apollo11 #nasa


Fifty years ago Neil Armstrong became the first human to step foot on the moon as Apollo 11 landed safely on its surface. Buzz Aldrin joined Armstrong on the moon while Michael Collins manned the command module that would return them to Earth. This remains the greatest technological event in human history. This event fulfilled the promise of President John F. Kennedy who said earlier in the decade this should happen. Today we remember this event that changed us all.

Apollo 11 – Man On The Way To The Moon #apollo11

Today is the 50th Anniversary of the liftoff of Apollo 11 that carried Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin to the Moon. This remains one of the greatest fetes of mankind. To think that your cellphone has more computing power than that rocket is pretty astounding. Those men had courage to do what they did. It’s amazing to think about what went into this mission.


I wasn’t born quite yet but to me being born during the year of the voyage to the moon was pretty special. I hope there will be another trip someday. It’s been too long.

36 University » Total Solar Eclipse: What Do I Need?

The Great American Solar Eclipse is less than two weeks away! Monday, August 21st will be here soon. If you’re in the path of totality or near it, it’s time to start thinking about what you need for your best eclipse viewing experience.

Source: 36 University » Total Solar Eclipse: What Do I Need?

This is a great article written by my nephew Dr. Kendall Shipley. You will know how to view the eclipse in its best experience.

A Bright Moon In A Clear Sky Full Of Stars

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Last night the sky was clear and the moon was so bright it lit up the darkness. There is a cool beauty of the whole thing. Looking up in the sky to see moon in a sea of stars. Creation is awesome that way. It just seemed to make all the cares of the world go away if just for a moment. Think about how awesome it all is that we can see that majestic wonder just by looking up. Maybe there is something to be said about that.

Something About The Moon

Leaving for work this morning I looked up and saw the Moon. You know its always there and for some reason it caught my eye and made me gaze upon it for a moment. The awesome thing about creation is all the cool things like the Moon that hangs in the blue sky of day and the dark sky of the night. At its fullest it can shine and light up our world in its own way. Perhaps the Moon is something we should think of as a constant. We just might need it to give us some much needed balance and perspective in the busy world we live in. The moon has its purpose and so do we.

Daily Prompt: Moon

The Moon is a far away place, it keeps our gravity in check. Like a teenager it has phases that shows itself in different ways through time and space. It is a satellite for our Earth. Werewolves and Vampires kind of like the moon because they can transform in its glow. Lovers use it as an inspiration for romance. Men have walked upon its surface to explore Tranquility. Some will drop their drawers which is a different type of moon. There is also a quarterback with that name. Moon is also in the 7th house as Jupiter is aligned with mars. The moon is a great place.

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