A Cody Dog Update

Our Cody boy dog had a growth removed from his ear last Wednesday. The vet had it sent to a pathologist for testing to see if was cancerous or not. Well today we get the call that its NOT cancer so its very good news. So we bought our boy a new toy and a special snack to celebrate. He means a lot to us so we wanted to do something for him. We thank God for this important development.



When you follow a fellow blogger here on WordPress is it possible for the connection to be broken without notice? I have followed many bloggers here and they have followed back…then days later they are following again.

If what I am posting is not to ones cup of tea I am fine with that. However if there is another reason I would like to know why?

Thanks to each of you who have been with me since April of this year. I appreciate your friendship.


Productivity sometimes means digging a whole lot before you strike gold. Everyday is different and productivity is a fluid thing. The one thing you can’t get is discouraged because when you least expect it you will be busting open the flood gates. Life brings challenges that should be met with different approaches on a daily basis.