Rambling About Community

The things that make up community are its people, their gatherings and how they enjoy life. Over the past couple of days I have seen communities in action to make their places better. We all live somewhere and there are opportunities to experience other people in an open way. It’s important for people to engage others in commerce, communication and camaraderie. If there is to be peace in our world we have to know one another and to exchange ideas as well as merchandise at a farmers market or at a craft show. Community is important locally and globally. Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with all of us, everywhere.

The WordPress Reader

The reader on the WordPress dashboard has updated and functions differently. It looks more streamlined and works better. Whenever the Tumblr dashboard would be updated and changed people would go nuts because they don’t handle change very well for some reason. Good work WordPress!

An Update on Our Trip and a Tragedy For A Family

Our trip this weekend was great. However it ended with us getting home around 11 PM last night. The reason for us being so late was due to an accident on Interstate 75 southbound in Monroe County, Tennessee. It meant tragedy for a family on their way home from a family reunion and the death of a two-year old little girl. Here is a link to the story


May God have mercy, comfort and healing for the family as they heal from their own wounds and prepare to say farewell to the girl who lost her life.