My Facebook Break Challenge

The one thing about the Facebook break is getting information I could get from there from various places I am connected with. Perhaps that is something that people who do social media consulting should advise is to keep your information in more than one place like your website, blog or Twitter. Some people aren’t on Facebook by choice and will not go on no matter how much you tell them they should. Providing information, everywhere is important to keep as many people in the know as possible.

Fourty Six Years Ago We Landed On The Moon

I was born in 1969 and this was one of mankinds greatest achievements. We honor those who made it happen 46 years ago. It is a shame we haven’t been back since.

Rambling About Situational Anger and Negativity

Protect your enthusiasm from the negativity of others…H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

We live in a world where negativity permeates much of our lives and culture. From social media to traditional media we are bombarded with bad news. I think this wears on us and brings us down. Here in Chattanooga reaction to the shootings of Thursday has been very mixed. People have gone on Facebook and Twitter to share anguish and at times very venomous statements against Muslims, The President and the situation as a whole. The whole thing is very sad and has impacted people emotionally and mentally.

I am kind of sad about the whole thing. Anger won’t bring back the dead. But love can stop future situations. Paying attention to those who are in need could save more lives than you think. When a person is in need offer them help. Flip the whole situation around to give people hope.

My blog is a positive place I hope. I will share what I am feeling and sometimes it will not be all cheery and happy. However I want people to know how committed I am personally and as a blogger to giving us some hope, grace and love.

Be positive, it looks good on you.

Creative When Tired

Being tired can really impact your creativity. I find that you tend to run out of ideas and things to post about. Maybe getting out and about can help fire up the imagination. Much of what I blog is based upon things I hear and experience in life. Maybe I should do a little media-centric posts featuring stuff I see on TV and music I listen to, but I do some of that already. Creativity relies upon being open to expressing ones self in different ways and experiencing new things. Maybe I just need more sleep and to stop overthinking things like I do.