My Rambling Posts, All In One Place

I like to ramble about things that rattle around in my head. Those posts are more like a stream of consciousness and thoughts that I want to share on my blog.  Now I have compiled all those posts into one category so you the reader can access them to see what is this idiot talking about.

Click the Rambling link on my menu bar on the front page to access those random thoughts.

Also in other blog maintenance issues have done some consolidation of About Tony pages into one menu item too.

Do It Yourself Selfie Sticks, Why Buy When You Can Make

Necessity is the mother of invention and these homemade selfie sticks are crazy! They are definitely inventive.


Being happy I hope means being authentic. Living your life on your own terms or on shared terms with a spouse or significant other. It should mean doing work that is meaningful to self and contributes to the betterment of society. Happiness is a very personal thing, and we celebrate it very differently. What the world needs now more than ever is more happiness. If we have that joy, peace, contentment then we have a lot. It should mean more than material things it should be something deeper and lasting. Hopefully your happiness will rub off on others who are desperate for it. Passing on happiness is a great gift to humanity. Come on get happy or work towards that.