Visitors In The City

So the hate group Westboro Baptist Church is in town to protest the funerals of five servicemen who were killed here in Chattanooga, Tennessee last week. We have to say they aren’t welcome if they are going to cause a ruckus. They have had one member arrested tonight. They are known for advancing an agenda of hate and disturbing community. However they too need prayers because that is what you do to those who persecute you. It’s a shame they are here but the community is rallying against them.

Courtesy of WRCB TV 3

Tonight if you can turn on a light to honor the dead. They need to be remembered and their lives celebrated. Keep their families in your thoughts and prayers.

Instant Inquiry: Web Browsers

People still use desktop computers with various operating systems. So we will need a browser to access the Interweb. When you need to access the web what browser to you use. There are choices out there and we all have our preferences. Is it Firefox, Chrome, IE, Opera, Safari or other for you?

Chicken and Waffles For Brunch…Yes Please


We went to brunch today at Lakeshore Grille in Hixson, TN today after church. I had the best Chicken and Waffles today. The waffle was light and buttery, the chicken was cooked to perfection and the gravy was a interesting touch. It was sweet and savory rolled up into one. The best rendition of this dish I have ever had.

A Ramble About My Blog

It is my hope that this blog will inform, inspire and enlighten whoever visits. This is the place where I chronicle and curate the things that are important to me. Of course you will see me doing silly things here too, I am a total dork after all. A good blog will show humanity and hopefully peace. Thanks to you for spending time here. Keep on blogging.