Be The Peace, Share It Fully, Have Some Hope

Today a man was convicted in the murder of nine parishioners at a church in Charleston, South Carolina. Racism was a prime factor in these killings. He went into the church with a purpose to do evil things.

I am an optimistic idealist most times but situations like this scare me. We live in a world where hate and fear are supercharged by rhetoric and people who want to believe certain things are true when they are not.

Then you take a look at Syria in the city of Aleppo where rebels have been slaughtered by the government. Pictures coming out of that war-torn place have been heart wrenching. How can people do that to their own countrymen and children.

Our world needs hope, healing and peace. A return to faith and community are so needed right now. If people are truly for life then we need to stop the violence locally and globally. As John Lennon once said, give peace a chance. In this season of love, new life and hope we need to come together. Let’s do what we can as bloggers to make ti happen.

No More Fake News…Period!

In a world that is ever changing we don’t have time for fake anything. I wrote a post on clickbait awhile back and as we have discovered lately mostly its fake news or sensational headlines that are supposed to be passed off as real. We are living in times when people play politics with news and information to advance their agenda. Facebook and Google are working to curtail the cancer that is misinformation which is a good thing. People need to have as much information as possible to make smart decisions. People will pass along things without verifying the source and that makes the problem even worse. Bad info damages every country and it has a serious impact on the democratic process. Good information is important and we need this now more than ever.

Thursday Thought – Power


I found this silly yet profound. Power is more than just influence its about the stuff that runs your computer, TV, refrigerator and lights. Without electricity none of this stuff we like to do happens, that means no WordPress, no Twitter, no Netflix, no memes. Power has its price in more ways than one.