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Man Sick

I have had some sort of sinus/head cold sort of thing. Needless to say I haven’t felt well the past couple of days. As a dude I am not good at being sick because I am not sick very often. There are all sorts of memes about men being sick and how they are such babies about it. Well I can be a baby about it. Do you have to be sick all the time to be good at it? Is being sick something you really want to have to practice?


Anyway this man has a cold thingy and I am determined to survive it because I don’t want to be one of those guys who is a whiny baby because there are people who are genuinely sick in a chronic way and they genuinely suffer. I can’t imagine me if I were really bad off because I would be the saddest thing you ever did see.

One thing I admire is the woman who is sick but still has to take care of her kids, spouse and go to work because she doesn’t have a choice.

Thursday Thought – Power


I found this silly yet profound. Power is more than just influence its about the stuff that runs your computer, TV, refrigerator and lights. Without electricity none of this stuff we like to do happens, that means no WordPress, no Twitter, no Netflix, no memes. Power has its price in more ways than one.