Thought Of The Day 08162020

Slow and steady doesn’t always win the race but helps you complete it. Finishing what you start means more in the long run.

It’s better to have been on a journey than a competition. Let’s do good stuff today. Have a great day.

Thought Of The Day 08032022

I think it’s cool to share your opinions online. What is not cool is to be toxic or destructive. There’s too much of that going on these days. A good critique is acceptable. Being personal and tearing down someone who doesn’t deserve it is not.

People who are in the limelight for horrible things need to be held accountable. We all must be mindful to be kind and remember someone works hard on the things they care a lot about, no need in harming them.

Thought Of The Day 07022022

The Internet can be fun but most times it’s a grownup tool to pay bills and manage one’s life. It does make things easier to do a lot of things. Of course, it provides its own share of complications from what I hear.

Thought Of The Day 04032022

The thing about problems is that they are meant to be solved or attempted to be solved. Usually, there are other problems that follow. Solving a problem or series of them can help you accomplish great things. Sometimes resolving problems can get you home or get you to the next thing in life. Whatever your problems are I hope they get solved or become less.

Thought Of The Day 03042022

We live in wonky times. Sure there’s inflation and stuff is more expensive these days among other economic situations. It’s a burden we are all experiencing, no one is immune. Let’s be grateful for what we have. And learn from history when things were much worse.

We have a pandemic we are continuing to live with. Also Vladimir Putin decided to use Russia’s armed forces to attack Ukraine. The world can’t seem to catch a break. Humanity needs one.

Be kind to others and yourself while you are at it. We are all in this thing together. Life will be better that way.

Thought Of The Day 02282022

Uncertainty is a fact of reality. Do we always have confidence in our decisions, I would say no. Certainty is tricky but uncertainty seems to be a safe way forward. However, being uncertain is like a security blanket and you don’t have to move forward. The best thing one can do about uncertainty is to get as much info as you can and evolve as things change. Living in uncertain times hopefully can shape us into the best versions of ourselves. The only certainty in this life is uncertainty.

Sunday Reflection: Time to Rest and Time to Serve

Here’s a few thoughts inspired by the day.

Take Time to Rest – Everyone needs a day to chill out and renew. Everyone seems to be overscheduled and overworked and that isn’t good. We all need at least one day where we can reconnect with ourselves, others and, to reset ourselves. If rest is good for the divine its good enough for me. Rest and recreation are given a bad rap and that shouldn’t be the case for anyone. Don’t look for things to do because certainly you will find plenty of stuff to occupy your mind and time. Busy is not good for anyone.

Power In Service to Others – So many people look for power and status that they fail to realize that power can be found in serving others. Our world needs helpers more than it needs bosses these days. To me, service can impact the lives of many and that is a powerful thing. Everyone in service to others has the capability to make the world a much better place and you know that is a special place to be in. Not to say that people in power don’t serve but if one is just interested in a position and not the responsibility then there can be a problem.

I hope you all have had a restful Sunday and that you are ready to serve in the coming weeks ahead. Grace and peace and love to you all.

Thought Of The Day 03102021

To believe in the power of science is to believe in the power of God to inspire men and women to find treatments for diseases such as COVID-19. God and Science must coexist for the betterment of mankind.

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