Social Media Day – June 30, 2020 – #SocialMediaDay

Today is Social Media Day which is observed annually on June 30th. In its short life, social media has redefined and revolutionized how people interact amongst each other, communicate and share with family, friends and the world. Social media has made it possible to stay connected and informed about with those important people in our lives.

Social Media is something to be used responsibly. It can be used for so much good but also for nefarious purposes. Every connection and communication is important and there are people on both sides of every post, Tweet and share. Keep on blogging my friends.

Sunday Thoughts – How To Be Genuine In How You Feel

How you feel is how you feel. Your feelings are uniquely yours and how you feel in the moment is nothing to be embarrassed about. Feelings are complex and they are fluid. Putting on a brave face isn’t doing yourself any favors and for those to expect you to isn’t very kind. I am learning how to be be genuine with how I feel and to express it to those who I am connected with. The best thing anyone can do is to be supportive and encouraging.

Happy Pride – Love Is Love #pride #loveislove

Many are celebrating LGBTQ+ Pride this weekend. I stand with you as an ally and friend. Be safe and enjoy this time of remembering and honoring those who have advanced the rights of LGBTQ+ people around the world.