How I Blog In The Moment

Blogging in the moment is how I post best. My favorite blogging tools are my eyes and ears. If one is paying attention to what’s going on around them inspiration will present itself. For me that means blogging and posting at a moment’s notice. It’s amazing what material and ideas you come across.

To All My Followers

Friends, I realize we won’t agree on everything and that is cool. If you find anything I say offensive please let me know. This is my blog and I have invested money in it so I get to say what I want. Of course my posts come from a place of respect especially for people on the fringes who need someone to speak for them.

If you don’t like what I have to say you may unfollow me and I will not take it personally. I hope that what I have to say is met with equal respect and thoughtful commentary and feedback that isn’t personally hurtful. There is no reason to go there.

Thank you for following me and I welcome my newest followers from the past couple of weeks. I appreciate you.

Donny and OJ On The Twitter

The fact that both Donald Trump and OJ Simpson are on Twitter should be scary. Of course they are the symptom of a greater problem which is scary enough. OJ is going to have it really rough because of his dubious past. Then Donald Trump tweets and think that is policy which is frightening. Twitter is a place for freaks and geeks with hearts of gold. The Donald and The Juice are two of many in the Twitterverse I could live without.

Feedback Wanted

Every so often I wanna know what you my followers think about my posts and how my blog functions. Is it easy to read and do my posts make sense. Your feedback is helpful. I also wanna have additional dialogue too with those who check this blog out daily. Thanks for being a friend in blogging and visiting when you can. Please leave comments down below.

Thanks for your help and cooperation!

New “Press This” on WordPress

Friends and fellow bloggers there is a new “Press This” blogging tool available. You can use this to share articles and other content from across the web on your own blog.

Screenshot 2017-11-05 at 8.29.54 PM

Go to the to update the “press this” link.

#Millennials And #Blogging

It seems that millennials have taken to blogging to tell their stories and to share their interests. I’m wondering what you think on this trend. Either way it’s good to see people blogging again.

Daily Prompt: Nervous

The uncertainty of the world has everyone on edge. Our nerves can only take so much. We all have been nervous about something or another. We have all waited for something we really wanted and we were not sure we were going to get it. Perhaps it was the results of a test that could determine a school grade or our quality of life. There is an element of fear in being nervous because it involved the unknown and a level of anxiety about where things are going to go in the future. Nervousness is a legit emotion and feeling at times it is something you have to feel and experience.

via Daily Prompt: Nervous

Keeping Up With Community

I am discovering I can’t keep up with every post from my blogging community, it’s really hard to do so. Conversely  I don’t expect you to keep up with every one of my posts and you know how much I post in a day. This is something I shouldn’t stress about because life has plenty for me to be stressed out about. I am grateful for those who visit when they have time and appreciate their interest. Keep on blogging everyone.