How To Make “Homemade Ice” From Meh Food

This is a parody/satire site on Facebook and YouTube that pokes a little fun at those short cooking videos you see on social media. You will find this to be both funny and snarky in equal measure. You can also find them on Twitter.

Changing Tone

I am going to do my best to avoid political posts for awhile. A change in the tone of my blog would be good for me and for you my readers and followers. Everyone needs to change the tone of the conversation at some point. Now is a time to live in the moment.

There is still much to do to keep those in leadership in check and to preserve the rights of every citizen to have access to life, liberty and happiness.

So, now let’s change the conversation.

Something About Blogging In The Moment

bloggingI appreciate the blogging community for being a community that is by-in-large supportive, intelligent and thought out in how we communicate with the world. Other platforms seem to be a conversational firecracker where people have been known to do great harm. Yes we all get emotional and want to post about how we are feeling in the moment but when you think about it blogging makes you think about what you are saying and perhaps gives you a chance to breathe a bit more before pressing the save/publish/share button.

Blogging in the moment is something I have been known to do. Capturing the emotion of a situation makes it more real and immediate. However letting yourself cool down can help you save face and have a more reasoned response to how you are feeling.

To all of you who follow my blog and appreciate how I do it, I thank you. You are an oasis in a social media storm.

Less Is Better In a Social World

social-networkingToday I created an exclusive friends list of people on Facebook I feel share my values and beliefs. Sometimes wide spread posts can create a hostile environment even among friends who really feel its necessary to assert in a heavy handed way their own agenda. Less is better in some cases. Sometimes you don’t want to have to defend your opinion with others, you just want affirmation. Social media can be a very great platform of expression and sharing, sometimes it can be a place that tears your soul apart. To make it a better place for me I shrunk my circle and I hope to be happier for it. Now this is in no way to slight others who differ from me but I just wanna be myself less filtered. You get what I am saying.

Twitter’s Down

Screenshot 2016-08-15 at 9.31.46 PM

So this happened at 9:30 on Monday (8/15/16) night. I haven’t seen Twitter go down in awhile. No one is immune from a site outage, not even the big boys. Excuse the Facebook notification in the lower right hand corner, which is ironic if you ask me.

Rambling About Opinions And Friendships

Everyone has opinions on things they feel passionately about. It’s also a popular thing to post that opinion on your social feed. Some folks will support and agree with you while others won’t. Certainly there are situations when debate and disagreement has been so strong that it causes friendships to be strained and some to end.

I think everyone should have the freedom to express themselves without being punished for it when it goes contrary to the opinion of others. There are some good people I have had to unfriend/un-follow on Facebook because they consistently and constantly post things that are born from ignorance and intolerance. Yes you might say I am being intolerant too but when someone is so radical and outspoken you just need to free yourself of it.

There are times when losing friendships happens because of your views and what you stand for. Yes it’s sad when you go through that but perhaps it might be for the best. I have to think there will be other people who will step in the gap and become your friend because they value what you have to say and what you believe. A solid friendship will remain despite the differences however if you find that a friend cannot see your point of view then perhaps is that friendship worth preserving ?

Tolerance is a hard thing, understanding is even harder, love is the hardest thing you have to do. Remember you have to be yourself and your opinions matter too.