New Look Twitter Coming Soon – #twitter

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If you are a fan of Twitter like me be aware there is a new look coming soon. It will be interesting to see how it works and functions. I am a believer that a user interface update is good every now and then as long as it makes sense. We shall see what it does and will it be easier or more difficult to use.

Donny and OJ On The Twitter

The fact that both Donald Trump and OJ Simpson are on Twitter should be scary. Of course they are the symptom of a greater problem which is scary enough. OJ is going to have it really rough because of his dubious past. Then Donald Trump tweets and think that is policy which is frightening. Twitter is a place for freaks and geeks with hearts of gold. The Donald and The Juice are two of many in the Twitterverse I could live without.

So A Tweet Of Mine Went Famous on People Magazine, Pretty Cool!

Screenshot 2018-02-05 at 8.17.04 PM

I was one of thousands if not millions Tweeting about the TV show “This Is Us” well it got selected to be included in an article on People Magazine. This is not the first time something like this has happened but its fun when this happens. Pretty cool if you ask me.

#Twitter Working On Becoming A Safer Place

Kudos to Twitter for taking steps to prevent abusive behavior and to keep its users safe. A safe online experience benefits us all. I’m hoping these actions will help everyone who uses Twitter as a prime tool for connecting socially.

When Celebrities Tweet Back – Thanks @BrianDietzen #NCIS

I love it when celebrities Tweet back. This happened tonight when I Tweeted to Brian Dietzen of the long-running CBS drama NCIS.


When this happens it means they genuinely care about their audience and those who are invested int heir show. Good stuff.

Upping My Twitter Presence


As I have taken a break from Facebook it’s important to up my game on Twitter. One thing I wanna do there is to engage my blog readers and other friends who are there to make them aware of my presence. Blogging and Tweeting seem to be good friends so I want to take advantage of that. Sometimes you need more than 140 characters to share whats on your mind. Granted the stream on Twitter is different from Facebook in that you see more users at one time on Facebook so you have to stand out among the crowd. So far though I haven’t seen as much inbound interaction on Twitter as of yet. You are welcome to follow me there as well as my other social outlets.

BTW my Facebook break is going well. Haven’t missed it much.