Politics In The UK

I have friends who are British and they deserve a government that is about service to the country rather than turmoil within the Conservative party. A general election is what would settle some issues and move the country forward.

With that being said outgoing Prime Minister Liz Truss was in a no-win situation.

Let’s hope for the best for the UK.

Remembrance Day, Lest We Forget

Remembrance Day a memorial day observed in Commonwealth member states since the end of the First World War to honour armed forces members who have died in the line of duty.

To all my friends in the Commonwealth of Nations especially Canada and The United Kingdom your sacrifice is remembered.

Happy Boxing Day, December 26th #boxingday

To all my friends around the world celebrating Boxing Day, I wish you a fun day and a continuation of the holiday season. Enjoy the day good people.

Remembrance Day – Lest We Forget

Remembrance Day (sometimes known informally as Poppy Day owing to the tradition of the remembrance poppy) is a memorial day observed in Commonwealth member states since the end of the First World War to remember the members of their armed forces who have died in the line of duty.

Lest we forget the sacrifice of those who have lost their lives in the service to others on the battlefield. Peace to all who remember.

Quote Of The Day

We should take comfort that while we may have more still to endure, better days will return: we will be with our friends again; we will be with our families again; we will meet again.

Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II

Happy Mothering Day To Those In The United Kingdom #mothersday #motheringday


It’s Mother’s Day in the United Kingdom among other places. May this day honor your contributions to your families and the world. It’s a tough time to celebrate this year but you still need to be recognized.

Brexit Day Is Here, Hope For The Best Here #brexit

Today is the day that the United Kingdom leaves the European Union. Its a move that will impact all of Europe I predict. I am hoping all my friends from Britain will have the future they are seeking whatever that may look like. May this time of transition be one that does not disrupt the lives of people. It will be interesting to see how all of this plays out.

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