This Is CNN


CNN or Cable News Network was founded by Ted Turner back in the 1980’s. It is the first 24-hour news outlet in America and has been a valued source of information for a more than a generation. Cable News Network as it is also known has kept me informed and aware of what is going on in the USA and the world.

Lately its been under attack by the current occupant of the White House as being a spreader of fake news and information. The men and women of CNN have been on the front lines of journalism and news gathering. I support them and appreciate the service they provide. None of their employees deserve the vile words that have been lobed at them. No news outlet is 100% accurate but they work hard to get things as accurate as possible. Its truly sad that they have to endure this and I hope for better times ahead.

Chattanooga residents rush to give blood after bus crash –

Lines to donate blood are out the door at Blood Assurance in Chattanooga after a bus flipped over and slammed into a tree Monday afternoon.

Source: Chattanooga residents rush to give blood after bus crash –

A great story about the importance of blood donation and especially the blood bank I work for. Without our donors many patients lives would be in the balance.

Here’s your beginner’s guide to Pokémon GO –

(CNN)So everyone is shuffling around furiously swiping at their phones and bragging about their Vaporeon and you’re just sitting here like “What’s a Pokéball?”

Source: Here’s your beginner’s guide to Pokémon GO –

This craze has swept the nation and perhaps the world. People are out and about playing it in droves. I get this, sort of. You know, if it gets people to connect with one another then it’s cool. I doubt I will be downloading it and putting it on my phone but there are people who are doing it and I shall live vicariously through their fun.

Deaths In America – Terrorism vs. Gun Violence

This graph is astonishing and sad at the same time. Something needs to be done about gun violence in our country. The terror at home is a serious problem. I get that citizens have the right to bear arms but I am not sure the founding fathers could have envisioned people with their own private arsenal. We live in such a wild west place now that it is truly scary.

Active Shooting Situation in Chattanooga

My city is on high alert because of an active shooter situation. One police officer has been shot. There is a massive law enforcement and first responder presence on the scene.