A Ramble About Guns

The 2nd Amendment in the US Constitution (the one about gun ownership) was not set up for the modern arsenal we have today. More, powerful guns are a problem not answer. Too many people are dying because weapons of mass destruction are becoming easier to get it seems. Why make something that is guaranteed to kill on a large scale?

America Reacts…A Good Way And Another Way #ihateguns


This political cartoon courtesy of The Chattanooga Times Free Press is from a few years ago when a mass shooting happened at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut. There is so much truth in this for many in America. I hate guns, I really do.

End the Gun Epidemic in America – The New York Times

​It is a moral outrage and national disgrace that civilians can legally purchase weapons designed to kill people with brutal speed and efficiency.

Source: End the Gun Epidemic in America – The New York Times

Enough blood has been shed in this country and we have to do something. I agree it’s a moral issue that has lives in the balance. No constitutional amendment is more important than a life.

The San Bernadino Shootings

I’m watching news of the San Bernadino mass shootings today on CNN and it has me feeling very sad and a little scared for the people there. A facility that helps people with mental challenges was attacked for a reason we don’t know yet. This is yet another mass shooting in our country. It is saddening that we have such a problem with guns and violence that seems to be the norm these days.

My friends the killings have to stop. I am not a fan of guns and I think some people own them to give them a sense of power and because of paranoia. Others have guns for sport and protection either reason leaves us living in a wild west situation. There is no excuse for the shootings today or any day. Can we give peace a real chance in our country? I sure hope so.

Deaths In America – Terrorism vs. Gun Violence

This graph is astonishing and sad at the same time. Something needs to be done about gun violence in our country. The terror at home is a serious problem. I get that citizens have the right to bear arms but I am not sure the founding fathers could have envisioned people with their own private arsenal. We live in such a wild west place now that it is truly scary.