Sunday Reflection – Community

Being in a community means different things to different people. Whether it be in-person or virtually having connections hopefully can create a bond that can convey respect and love. Barbara Streisand sang “people who need people are the luckiest people in the world” and I tend to agree with that. Of course, boundaries are essential for healthy connections and community.

You create a society in schools, libraries, retail shops, work, museums, sports, houses of worship, and other spaces. Of course, online communities can transcend time and space. Many online communities came about from the Coronavirus pandemic. In any case, it requires being intentional about making communities work and thrive.

I hope I am the best person I can be no matter what community/group I find connections in. Hopefully, building connections can make us all better people.

National First Responders Day 2020 #firstresponders

National First Responders Day on October 28 recognizes the heroic men and women who make it their business to take immediate action when disaster strikes. Think Firefighters, police, paramedics, and more who get the call in times of an emergency. These brave people are found in every community everywhere. It’s not hard to understand and appreciate the dangerous and challenging work they do.

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Friends, it’s the first Tuesday in April and I hope all is well. I have read where some are getting a little antsy about what’s going on. We all need to chill because no one knows how long this will go. It’s important to care for ourselves and one another (of course from a distance). We can do this if we cooperate as a global and local community. Mutual support is so important these days. Everything I have just said applies to me too. My friends, be strong, be courageous, be kind.