Being Angry

Anger is a strong emotion. Everyone should have the ability to express it without fear. It’s OK to be pissed off for personal reasons. It’s helpful to have people in your life who understand what you are going through and won’t think you are a freak. Anger ideally should be a seasonal thing. If it goes past that season then perhaps getting some help would be a good thing to do. The best thing one can do is to express it, let it out and not to stuff it in. Too many people will do that and it will impact their mental health for the long-term. People who love you will understand the reasons you feel the way you do.

Shocker, I Am Not Always A Positive Person

Friends, I have been told I am a positive person and that is what people like about me. Here’s a little secret, I am not always a positive person. Some days I have my moments when I am cynical and kind of mad at stuff. Being a genuine person means being genuine about how you feel about things.

There will be times when I will rant and will share some of the negative things brewing in my head. Much of the time I am going to look at the bright side of things but sharing the dark stuff gives some balance and hopefully makes me more relatable to the person who isn’t feeling it today. It’s what you have when you are an idealist like me. Emotions are a strong thing and it requires balance.

Now I have to figure out how to be mad when it comes time to be mad. I am horrible at being mad just like I am horrible at being sick. It’s funny how this all works.