The Negative Web

Negativity permeates the web in a lot of places. A fellow blogger asked how their followers deal with it. I said I try to inject some positivity wherever I can. Kindness can go a long way. However its ok to be realistic and avoid fake positivity. Faking it isn’t good for anyone. Genuine feelings should be the rule rather than the exception. I have learned this the hard way over the years. Being kind is good, being kind to yourself is necessary, being realistic well that is helpful to everyone. Learn how to not get caught up in the negative Web. You might not get out of its trap.

Rambling About Negativity

Maybe its me but there seems to be a lot of negativity in the world. We are all living day-to-day trying to get by but there are lots of things that drag us down. People these days find it easier to rail against something and complain about it than try to fix the problem. Wouldn’t it be better to light a match to scare away the darkness than to just let the darkness consume ones heart and mind? It’s a matter of people wanting things a certain way and it’s not working out for them. I don’t know but perhaps we need more light and levity to get us through. It’s so easy though to be Debbie Downer than to encourage and enlighten. There are things I get down about, everyone does but there are a lot of things to be grateful for. Maybe we should try to focus on those things. Just saying.

Rambling About Situational Anger and Negativity

Protect your enthusiasm from the negativity of others…H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

We live in a world where negativity permeates much of our lives and culture. From social media to traditional media we are bombarded with bad news. I think this wears on us and brings us down. Here in Chattanooga reaction to the shootings of Thursday has been very mixed. People have gone on Facebook and Twitter to share anguish and at times very venomous statements against Muslims, The President and the situation as a whole. The whole thing is very sad and has impacted people emotionally and mentally.

I am kind of sad about the whole thing. Anger won’t bring back the dead. But love can stop future situations. Paying attention to those who are in need could save more lives than you think. When a person is in need offer them help. Flip the whole situation around to give people hope.

My blog is a positive place I hope. I will share what I am feeling and sometimes it will not be all cheery and happy. However I want people to know how committed I am personally and as a blogger to giving us some hope, grace and love.

Be positive, it looks good on you.