The New Wordless Wednesday Category

I have grouped all my Wordless Wednesday image posts into a category and created a link for it in my special features blog menu. You can also click the link below.

There are lots of pictures from various places I have been and things I have seen. Please check it out when you can.

Something About | The Tony Burgess Blog

I am introducing a new category to my blog, Something About | The Tony Burgess Blog … This category is another way for me to post about random things that pop in my head. We need to share Something About the things in our lives that matter too. It’s important to do Something About situations that arise in our journey. I hope you will enjoy this collection of posts. You can find the link also in my menu bar under “Special Features”.

Managing Your Browser Bookmarks

Screenshot 2016-09-03 at 12.34.44 PM

Bookmarks have been around for as long as there have been books and websites. These shortcuts to content are important for web users to get to where they need to go quickly. This morning I did some work on adding some frequently used bookmarks to my browser because they were lacking. Accessing content directly from the source can give you more information. I use a Chromebook so my browser is Google Chrome natively. Bookmarks are a living, breathing thing that will be added to and edited over time. Be sure you take advantage of folders to make it faster to get to the sites you want to see and sort them by title too. Also sync your bookmarks to Google so you can access them anywhere you like including your mobile device.

My Rambling Posts, All In One Place

I like to ramble about things that rattle around in my head. Those posts are more like a stream of consciousness and thoughts that I want to share on my blog.  Now I have compiled all those posts into one category so you the reader can access them to see what is this idiot talking about.

Click the Rambling link on my menu bar on the front page to access those random thoughts.

Also in other blog maintenance issues have done some consolidation of About Tony pages into one menu item too.