A Ramble About Culture/Religion

For some the culture is their religion. When religion fails someone they need something to connect them to something with meaning and to one another. As a person of faith/religion I get that. Everyone needs someone whether it be divine or secular. Jesus Christ Superstar a musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber addressed some of that. Jesus as a cultural Icon. Sometimes we all just need that thing that gives us hope when all seems to be lost and finding it means being divergent and taking other roads to the eternal or the next life to come.

A Ramble About Oil and Money

It’s sad how oil, money and power have really screwed up the lives of millions. Oil and money seem to power a lot of machines and motivates people. Is the fight over them worth all the blood and souls lost. Interesting times we exist in. Thinking about Iran, Iraq and the not so good ole US of A

A Ramble About Mental Health

A group from my church are exploring mental health and supporting one another in those situations where life gets too much. Having resources and compassion can help a great deal. Across the blogosphere much is written about the subject and I will admit I don’t know it all but from my experience admitting you have a problem, getting help and even medication can help you through the tough times.

Personally I am dealing with depression so I am coping the best I can. There is way more to it I know but you know support and understanding is important. Bring those into the fold who suffer and make time to help and get help. This is the first I will post on this issue as I learn much more.

A Ramble About Success

Theres a expectation of needing to climb a ladder to make everyone else think you are successful. But who really defines what success is? Perhaps its more grass roots and how you changed peoples lives for the better. If you can do more without a title then you are golden. I learned this the hard way but I am glad I am in a space/place to make a difference. Many average Jane’s and Joe’s have changed the world and have bloomed where they were planted.

Rambling About Heat

Heat can bring things together, it can can tear people apart. Sweat is a result of a body burning off fuel. Without heat things can’t grow. Heat can make it hard to rest at night. In the heat of the night lovers come together. The heat of the moment can show in your eyes someone once sang. Heat is energy going in all different places and spaces. A hot summer night can be a time to celebrate. Heat can make something taste better, different. We need heat in the same measure we need cold. May heat be something that makes life better, not worse.

A Ramble on Unity, Or Lack Thereof

The notion of Unity is a noble one. Bringing people together for a common cause is great but in reality it’s like herding cats. I live in the United States and really its just 50 states who choose to be together under one flag. The same can be said for the United Kingdom. But when you look closer there are differences in culture and customs that make them very different.

Of course politically there is the whole liberal vs. conservative vs. other to deal with and there is little unity to be had there. Even in factions you have sub factions and other smaller groups that fight for their own agenda. In marriage its a union of two people who love each other and it’s probably as close to a good union as you will find. Yet there are couples who go through trauma and setbacks that find strength in turmoil. However they can be easily torn apart.

A united front happens when there are situations that bring people together like what happened on 9/11/2001 for a little while. WW I and II brought my country together in so many ways. People were self-sacrificing, involved and called upon to fill in the gaps while men and women were overseas fighting to win.

At this moment I don’t think my country is united, its way to divided. Too many issues have polarized us, made us suspicious, made us become very tribal and sometimes primal. Our politics has torn friendships and families apart, like during our civil war days. I am finding that some folks want separation, segregation and isolation while others want to be in community and to be challenged.

One day there will be unity and maybe a little utopia too. It will be a day that will hopefully be a time of peace, tranquility and free of conflict. My faith is that day will come sooner rather than later. I am hoping it might happen by our own choice than at the hands of someone or something out of our control.

A Ramble About Women

Without a long post it is truly a shame how some men are treating women these days. It’s not right and it needs to stop. This is the 21st century and we are supposed to be better as a civilization and as a culture. Women are not property or objects they are flesh and blood and feelings and awesome. No woman asks or deserves to be harmed.

We have to love one another and treat each other better than we do. I am a believer that women of all stripes are to be revered not reviled. Yes there are some women who bring ridicule upon themselves because of their behavior but even they are worthy of redemption.

They are grandmothers, mothers, sisters, cousins, friends. Women are both natural and transgender and they account for 50% of the population. Creation of humanity requires their choice of participation. No matter what a woman should be able to dream and have the opportunity to be who they want and they should dream to do better.

Men, treat the women in your life like queens, princesses and empresses. You will be better people for it.


A Ramble on Hipsters

Hipsters are reviled in some circles but I respect them for wanting to make the world a better place from a different perspective. I appreciate their vision and idealism. Their passion can be transformative. I imagine if I were a little younger I would be one or something like that.