Something About Selfies

For me selfies are a snapshot of how one is feeling and experiencing life in a singular moment. It doesn’t have to be about being narcissistic or self-absorbed. But you and I know sometimes its about saying look at me, look at me. I want you to see me in all my glory. Selfies have a purpose but they can also be a mirror into the soul and the soul isn’t always happy go-lucky.  So snap a self picture when it tells your story in the moment.

I am a self professed dork who does take very uncool selfies.

Be the star of your own blog. Your story is important.

Rambling About Selfies


Yes, I am a 46 year old man who does selfies. I have been told I am like a teenage girl in my doing so many selfies. I enjoy being a dork and that is one way I do that. There are more interesting things in the world to post about and I hope to encounter more of that through life. Selfies can be a innocent thing or a narcissistic thing people do…I can’t figure out which one I am doing yet. Can one do the selfie and remain humble at the same time?

Do It Yourself Selfie Sticks, Why Buy When You Can Make

Necessity is the mother of invention and these homemade selfie sticks are crazy! They are definitely inventive.