Being Happy Or Something Like That, A Sunday Reflection

Happiness is a deeply personal thing that is so fluid and dynamic. I haven’t been truly happy for a long time. Sure I have had moments of joy but nothing long term. People worry about me because I am not full of happy awesome sauce right now and I appreciate their concern. Don’t worry about me. I am not suicidal or anything drastic.

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The year 2019 took a lot out of me and I don’t know when my emotional tank will be full again. I suppose it takes a year of recovery to get over a year of hardship, emotional stress, and the death of my father. I am very much a work in progress. People who go through this come out different on the other side and I can accept this.

Believe me, I am grateful for all the support. It’s going to take a while. Being my old self might not be what is in the cards.

Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness

On this the 241st birthday of The United States of America I am a firm believer that every American (and everyone around the world) should have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as prescribed by the Declaration of Independence which was bravely signed by some very wise men during the early days of this nation.

I think if you are believer, non-believer, LGBTQ, immigrant, refugee, male, female, everyone should be afforded the rights to be who you were created to be. Our racial and ethnic diversity should be celebrated too. I also think that globally people should have the freedom to be, to be. There are too many people trying to make decisions about how people are to live and that’s not right.

In America people from all places on Earth have come to this place to find a new home, new opportunities and shelter from oppression. It is my hope they will never find America a new place where because of who they are they are not welcome.

It has been said that America is an experiment and it is still true. However let’s hope the results of this experiment result in a place where people are indeed free to be. May the world take note and may places where people aren’t free be encouraged to seek out a new path where they too have the rights to life in abundance, liberty to be who they are and happiness where they can have joyful participation in all of what life has for them.