Thought Of The Day

Getting older doesn’t scare me at the moment but aging does. I turned 50 in August and I don’t want to not relate to others from all ages and walks of life. At some point I am going to need to be a grown-up but now is not that time.

Shaping Your Future For Conversations About The Past

My parent’s recently moved into an independent living facility. They have a spacious 730 sq.ft. apartment with everything they need to live and also they take their meals in a dining room 3 times a day. Many of their needs are being met which is a relief to our family.

They are in their 70’s and a part of the Baby Boom generation. Every generation has its time in history where they shape the culture of the world. Everything from politics, religion, music, arts and more have been created by them as their legacy.

It got me to thinking that everyone ages and will find their way into some sort of care scenario whether it be a facility like my parents or in their home with a caregiver that comes by daily.

Just think about the conversations about ones personal history that will be had when one turns 70 or 80 or even 90. Who knows how long people will live as medical advances are made.

I can imagine people who were into hip hop and heavy metal in a facility talking about Jay Z to Metallica. Remember when Star Wars came out? Were you a gamer and if so how what was your favorite gaming platform. They will talk about who was better Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant or Lebron James. Can you imagine what tattoos will look like and guys rocking that earring they got when they were 16 at the mall. Remember malls. I believe Generation X will lead the way followed by Millennials and on down the timeline.

We will share stories about the wars we fought in. September 11th and how it changed our country. The presidential elections of 2000 and 2016. Where were you when your heard Michael Jackson died. Do we still want our MTV if it will be around then.

My friends every day you are getting older. Getting experienced and hopefully wiser. The key to everything is living and growing and storing up topics for conversations throughout your life. The memories can sustain you but future memories are there to be made.

I gotta believe the dining room will have taco Tuesday and gluten free this and that. Certainly.


Rambling About Getting Older

For me aging means needing my glasses to use my cell phone and falling asleep before the Late Show comes on. As I get older sleeping through the night is harder. Of course getting up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom is common. Getting older means facing ones own mortality too and no one wants to think of a time when they die. Now I am 46 and there are others who have lived much longer and have more stories to tell so I need to keep things in perspective. Life goes on and I need to enjoy it as long as I can. I enjoy my life and I pray it will get better as we go along. Getting older isn’t for the feint of heart.

Old Soul, Young Soul, Age To Age

I am a older person who wants to have a younger soul, spirit, attitude. There are younger folks who have a old soul. Perhaps they both have something to contribute to the world..

We live in a world that is constantly changing and we have a choice to keep up or get left behind. How we relate to the world says something about us. People can embrace the new things going on or reject it by having the desire to live in the past.

As a older person I want to live in the world of the now and to understand it better. Remaining relevant is important because it informs you that you can still learn new things and meet people where they are. We all know people who live in the past and like it that way. Nothing in their lives changes.

Perhaps its a challenge to live in the here and now because you have to keep up. I think you can be a person of all generations while preserving the memories of your own era in time. The key thing is to live and learn where you are in the place you are.

There is a saying that old age ain’t for sissies and there is also a saying that youth will be served. Age to age, wisdom is still something everyone needs.