Changed My Theme Again – Back To Twenty Sixteen

I switched my theme back to something darker to match the mood I am in. Twenty-Sixteen is a refreshed classic blogging theme that suits me just fine. Changing things up keeps things interesting if you ask me.

Screenshot 2016-04-30 at 8.44.43 PM
Screen capture from a previous use of the Twenty-Sixteen WordPress Theme

New Posting Setup on #wordpress

The new post composing layout

It appears that our friends at have changed the post composer. Your posting options and settings are on the right while there is more room on the left to create awesome works of genius and inspiration. I am OK with change as long as it makes sense.

Duplicate Posts, Changing Person, Life Blogging

Have you ever wrote on something and found out you wrote about the same thing in an earlier blog post. I look through my blog and see that there are multiple posts about the same topic. Perhaps its a matter of new information, new perspective and new inspiration that provides new material.

The world has many many things to post about but in reality we will never experience it all. What we know and experience in our own lives can change day by day. So how we felt about something earlier can be different now.

It’s about personal growth that leads you to continue to curate and chronicle your life in such a way that you can see an evolution on how you felt about something lets say 5 years ago and how you feel about it today.

Day after day we live, grow and change and its interesting to see where we are going in this journey of life. So if you see multiple posts about the same thing from a blogger just think of it as reading the story of who that person is and where they are going in this crazy thing called life.

So duplicate posts can mean a changing person in their life blogging.

WordPress Desktop Apps, Great For Power Blogging #wordpressdotcom #wordpress

I downloaded the WordPress App for Linux and it is a great tool to keep you focused on composing blog posts. I really like it and when all I want to do is write or read blogs its a great piece of software. You can also manage all the functions of all the blogs you operate. Download it today if you have iOS, Linux or Windows. You will be a much better blogger for doing so.


Rambling About Originality And My Blog

I make every effort to make my blog as original as possible using my own thoughts and words to express who I am and to chronicle and curate the things I am interested in. With that said I do “borrow” from sources when my own words aren’t as good as the original. I do give credit where credit is due though. Occasionally I will re-blog a post from a fellow blogger if it fits the overall narrative of my blog.

I get a lot of material for my blog from Wikipedia, YouTube, Google, Websites that features quotes and saying from others, etc. There are images that help tell my story that come from various sources which are copyrights of the holders and creators of their work. My blog is a non-commercial work and I have no intention of monetizing it.

I am influenced and inspired by other bloggers and the culture and attitudes of the moment. Sometimes that influence rubs off and you end up copying someone without realizing it. However there are some who just seem to take someone else’s work and make it their own, which is wrong.

Our world is a mix of open source and copyrighted works so we have to be careful to do the right thing and credit sources as a best practice.

What is your experience with originality and blogging?

As always I encourage you to be original, be yourself, make your blog unique. Keep on blogging.


Blogging For Bucks

blog-advertisingMany bloggers make a living with their blogs. Making money off ones blog is a great way to bring in extra dollars and to get paid to do what you love. If you are monetizing site please be smart about how your ads display. I worked for a newspaper in their classified advertising department and I understand about advertising being the life blood of many sites. Most blogs need a lot of ads to make money after expenses. Layout of your site and template selection is important. The important question is, what do you do to get all your sponsors on your site?

Some ads are well placed and do not interfere with the content of the site which is why you go to a site in the first place. However some blogs make you wade through a maze of ads to get to the good stuff, don’t do that. User experience is important. Never use a pop-up ad or a banner ad because those are so 2000. Ads that overlay on ones content can be nuisance too. Sidebar ads or perhaps one smallish ad at the top would work best.

Some computers have a hard time with lots of ads especially animated ones and video embedded. There is also connectivity and speed issues too. Users in some areas have a bandwidth cap so keeping that in mind is a best practice.

I don’t know everything about web advertising however I do know about using a site and as a end user its important to get to the content quickly and get on with the other things I need to do. There are some ads that inform me of new things I didn’t know about. Other ads just lead to other sites with more ads and that isn’t fun.

(This post was an exercise for me to write something different. Your feedback is appreciated.)