Regarding International Men’s Day

In my International Men’s Day post my thought behind it was to let men know it’s ok to be sensitive, to seek help for all their wounds and pains. They need to know that stigmas shouldn’t stand in the way of health and wholeness. Too many men tend to push their woes aside because it’s what generations of men did before.

As a person with depression and grieving over the death of my dad I need to remind myself and to inform others it’s ok to be vulnerable and to even hurt. It is also a way to be in solidarity with women who still face a difficult life for reasons that are well documented. We are all in this life together.

The Best A Man Can Get, Gillette’s New Campaign

As a human being its refreshing to see a corporation such as Gillette have a social conscious and to influence people to do good things. Some folks need a wake-up call to be more empathetic and more sympathetic even if it makes them uncomfortable. This ad campaign is pretty spot on in addressing the need for new masculinity. Kudos Gillette, well done.

International Men’s Day, Celebrate What Men Can Be Now. #internationalmensday

So I saw on Twitter today is International Men’s Day. Personally I am not sure how to address this day set aside for men considering most days are “Men’s Days” it seems. But here is what I have to say hopefully without sounding like “poor men”.

  • Men suffer from depression and mental illness which often goes undiagnosed.
  • Men are often reluctant to share their feelings.
  • Men in many areas are expected to perform historic gender roles freezing out women from opportunities.
  • Men are expected to be masculine and never show their feminine side.
  • Men are expected to be strong and never vulnerable.
  • Men are less likely to take care of themselves but will work to be sure the people in their lives have access to care.
  • People look to men to provide which is not always fair because women do it quite well.
  • Men are relegated to doing things that are not relevant in today’s world.

It’s my belief if men could share their feelings openly and freely there would be fewer problems in the world. Men are important but no more important than women or children. Men like me are just trying their best to be their best while lifting others up. Today men need affirmation so that we can do our best for family and communities. Being a man in the 21st century is different than in previous times. We should celebrate that and embrace the fact that we need both genders to make this whole thing work.

Men can be teachers, nurses, homemakers, designers and so much more if they are given the freedom to make those decisions for themselves.

Away For The Weekend, Hanging With Some Churchmen

I will be away at a men’s retreat sponsored by the Episcopal Churches of Tennessee. This is my second year going and I am ready to have some fun and to be spiritually renewed. Being in the company of these guys reminds me its good to be a guy who loves his God and his fellow-man. Being in a place where you can just relax and have a good time is important to filling your physical, emotional and spiritual tanks much like you do your car. Being taken care of even self-care is important.

Of course I will be sharing as I go along in the weekend. My phone will be with me and there is good cell service where I will be. Have a great weekend my friends. Grace and peace

Rambling About Men Of Faith

Men of faith are called to be servants and leaders in their communities. They have an important role in being people who are to model humility and a vibrant spirit. They are to work with their partners in sharing their faith tradition with the next generation. Men are needed to be role models too. I think men also support their partners in achieving their dreams and encouraging those around who need a hand in times of need. I will expound on this topic in future posts. They need to pray for those closest to them. Faithful men also need to love, be tender, care and be there for others. God made man to be in his image and to put our best foot forward.