Live In Peace

I wish we could all live in peace instead of having to wait to rest in peace. The things that give us grief, pain and emotional suffering should not be allowed to determine the course of our lives. There is too much chaos in the world and in our lives. Whatever hurts your hearts good people get help and have a awesome life. Harmony is always better than harm.

Remember To Be Less Serious, Be Happy!

forget-your-troubles-come-on-get-happy-2We as a society and community can get so mired down in the serious things of our lives we forget to enjoy the fun stuff. There is nothing wrong with listening to a pop song, enjoying a guilty pleasure or eating something you really shouldn’t. Right now we live in a world that is full of sadness and hate that we need those moments of silliness, levity, grace to remind us of our humanity. I read a lot of posts and some of those I have written about the world being a dark place to be but we need to remember how to bring some light into the darkness.

Perhaps we should not try to grow up so fast that we forget the fun that can be had today and every day. My friends the world isn’t entirely bad, people aren’t always out to get you and perhaps pursue excellence in being a living person who smiles and laughs in equal measure to crying and frowning. Enjoy the fun of being imperfect, broken, human. Be alive today, you only get one shot at this life.

Have A Great Day

You never know what to say to someone who isn’t feeling it on any given day. Stuff is going on in their lives they are trying to get through but finding it tough. Saying “have a great day” sounds like pouring salt into a wound but you know there is a flip side to that. Maybe that person needs some encouragement to turn things around. Perhaps they need to know that there is light at the end of a dark tunnel. What they are going through is hopefully a short-term event and offering some hope is always a good thing. Being kind to someone in a unfortunate situation says something about who we are and is an opportunity to lift the load on someones heart and soul.

So everyone with all that being said…HAVE A GREAT DAY!

Being Positive

As a generally positive person I do have my moments. But I work hard at seeing the better side of life and people. The world has enough negative energy where it can really wear on us. Having more words of affirmation would do us all good.

You have to be intentionally positive or at least fake it til you make it. This is hard for some because of prior life experience. Positive people do have the right to complain every so often because they want to effect change in their lives and community. I even complain about things, it’s just a human thing to do. Being an idealist is not easy because not everyone shares your vision of how things can be. Ones attitude about life in general informs us about where they are coming from. I heard in a movie once your attitude is the aroma of your heart so sometimes your heart has to be in a good place for you to be positive. Sometimes life hands you situations that require complaining. However I think you can complain from a positive place though.

Blogging can provide a great platform for people to share their hearts and minds. Posting positive things is fairly easy if you get into the practice of doing so. Our world is filled with great things you just have to look for them and to filter out the negative. Being positive isn’t easy, it’s a choice, its worth it.