The Old Web Days

Do you remember when the Internet was a more fun place to be? Billionaires have bought up sites like Twitter and Tumblr, where people share stuff and connect with one another. There were dozens of sites where people could set up blogs and share photos but nowadays it’s just a handful. In this case, pining for the old days isn’t all that bad.

The Internet is becoming the bargain bin of the 21st century. It’s about Amazon these days.

If it weren’t for blogging I wouldn’t have many of the friends I have today. I hope that Facebook and other social media platforms won’t be the last things to stand.

Farewell Microsoft Internet Explorer 1995-2022

On Wednesday, June 15, 2022, Microsoft officially ended support for its once-dominant web browser, Internet Explorer. I remember first seeing it in its 2.0 version and I used it for a few years after it adopted Java and Animated gifs. MSIE put a hurting on then-dominant browser Netscape, which I still have nostalgia for.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 2.0

The Internet changed because of Microsoft. Developers made websites to work with it forcing people to use it over alternatives.

Competition finally began to eat into the market share dominance it once enjoyed. IE has been replaced by Edge, an excellent cross-platform browser that can be used on Windows and Linux.

The joke I have heard today is it’s the best browser to download Google’s Chrome. Well, I guess we will have to use alternatives now. Rest in Pixels Internet Explorer.