Changed My Linux Distro Again, Welcome Back to #Xubuntu


Inspired by fellow blogger Robin I have switched my Linux distribution back to Xubuntu 18.04 from Ubuntu 19.04. This is due in part to Ubuntu not wanting to load properly. Xubuntu also uses fewer system resources and is very customizable without a lot of tweaking. I added a few apps for audio, photo management, photo editing, a calendar that syncs with Google and a few other things. I can always add more things as I need it too. Like Robin said its like coming home to a familiar neighborhood.

Firefox Quantum – A Killer New Browser From Mozilla #firefox #quantum

Firefox is back in a serious way with the new Quantum browser. I have already installed it on my Ubuntu Linux desktop and its fantastic. It continues the historic brand in a all new way. This browser is speedy, intuitive and very well designed. Bravo Mozilla, you are back in a bold, new, fresh way.

Chrome and Firefox, The Best Browsers for Blogging

If you are using Internet Explorer or its predecessor then you aren’t experiencing the blogosphere at its best. For years Microsoft dominated the desktop/laptop but not any more. Chrome and Firefox are the two browsers to use these days for just about anything. Some apps and websites are still dependent on them but that is changing as the tech landscape is changing. In terms of rendering, speed, security and compliance the products from Mozilla and Google are the best. So if you are blogging or reading blogs, Chrome and Firefox are the way to go. WordPress, Tumblr, Squarespace, work just fine using Chrome and Firefox.

This blog is primarly written and updated by Chromebook so using Chrome is what I recommend. Also this blog is best experienced with a broadband connection. I don’t know anyone using dial-up much anymore.

Keep on blogging whether it be on desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.

Instant Inquiry: Web Browsers

People still use desktop computers with various operating systems. So we will need a browser to access the Interweb. When you need to access the web what browser to you use. There are choices out there and we all have our preferences. Is it Firefox, Chrome, IE, Opera, Safari or other for you?