They Call This Thing Blogging: Perhaps It’s More

It starts with a thought in our minds, then travels to our fingers to the device we use to connect with the world.

Our words come forth like a waterfall on to the screen to be seen by people who only seem to exist in binary.

It’s those moments in time when a post is what someone needs the most.

We do know our words will mesh with theirs to make a wonderful community of different thoughts, feelings and emotions.

The many words are pressed here forever more.

Their words come forth on that screen which makes them real, organic, pure.

They call this thing blogging and we know for sure that it inspires us to do something more.

My friends keep on blogging, lets all see what is in store.

Inspired by this

Positive Rants

Really positive people can rant too every now and then. Stuff bothers us too so we gotta let that out. How we respond to what we rant about tells something about us. It’s my thought being positive doesn’t always mean going with the flow and letting things go all the time. Really its OK let it out and hopefully solve a problem or two. Be positive even times when you have to be negative.

Another Rant

It bugs me when I am trying to make a point in a conversation and people just say “I know” or laugh nervously. There are times when I want to be serious and for someone to be dismissive bugs me. You know it makes me wonder if there is something wrong with me. or is it that what I am saying is just going over their heads. Respect is a two-way street and to be rude like that is not cool.

Today Is Geek Pride Day

Geek Pride Day is observed on May 25, 2015. Geek Pride Day is an initiative to promote geek culture. The date was chosen as to commemorate the release of the first Star Wars film.

Time Magazine has a brief synopsis on the day

I am a proud geek and I wear that on my sleeve. May all of you my brothers and sisters in geekdom have a glorious day.


Getting To Work

Yes I had to work today, I am only here til 2 which is great. However due to a bike race I got here late. I am all in favor of events coming to my fair city but the detours sucked this morning. I had to find a route that would get me on to Veterans bridge so I could get here this morning. I am glad I left 30 minutes early or else I would have been even later. When my routine is messed up it makes me grrr.