Happy Mother’s Day!

To my mother (with a very young Tony) who I am grateful and thankful for I love you on this, your special day.

To my grandmother (on the right) who is spending Mother’s Day with her mother in Heaven I will always love you.

To all the mother’s of various types out there I salute you for your role in making our world better. Some are mothers in spirit and you fill in the gap for those who are without a mother in their lives. God bless you all.

In Advance of Mother’s Day – A Salute To Mary, The Mother of Jesus

imagesIn advance of Mother’s day I want to say how much I admire Mary the mother of Jesus. She was called upon to be the mother of a very important person by God. Her challenges with raising such a special person must have been daunting. She is in my opinion the greatest Jewish mother ever. As a young mother she was responsible for keeping Jesus in a safe, nurturing environment. She didn’t do it alone, she had Joseph was called upon to rise to the occasion of being Jesus’ dad. Mary is a venerated person in some Christian traditions and she is a inspirational figure.