I’m Against Bullying #spiritday

I believe no one deserves to get bullied. In our world that is becoming more diverse there are some who face bullying just for being who they are. LGBTQ kids are just trying to get through this life just like the rest of us and they shouldn’t have to face harm because of who they are. Matthew Shepard was one of those people who lost his life just because people didn’t like it because of his sexual orientation.

I am reminded that we are to love one another, period. Every person is valued and cherished by their higher power. To me God loves all the children of the world. I stand with you my LGBTQ brothers and sisters. Grace and peace to you in this world we live in.

Rambling About Boundaries Online

In life we need boundaries. Buffer zones between people and situations that could do harm. Personal relationships need boundaries too for emotional and physical safety. Some relationships can become inappropriately intimate especially when there are attachments in the mix.

Bloggers need boundaries too. Connections are made daily and there must be respect of the personal situations of one another. I think we can be too open online and that can become a problem in an era when people aren’t so kind. As friendships are made through social media we have to be careful about how friendly we can be.

Form your own best practices but have fun. Don’t let yourself get into a jam online.

Live In Peace

I wish we could all live in peace instead of having to wait to rest in peace. The things that give us grief, pain and emotional suffering should not be allowed to determine the course of our lives. There is too much chaos in the world and in our lives. Whatever hurts your hearts good people get help and have a awesome life. Harmony is always better than harm.

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