Caring For Creation

My church hosted a seminar on the environment and faith; the two should be closely linked. Being a good steward of the gifts of mother Earth is the right thing to do.

It requires using our hearts, minds, and spirit to do something for this creation of nature we have been given. It’s essential to do things such as recycling, conserving energy (yes I am not always good at that), and extending the life of the things I use to make life easier.

As a believer, I am glad to do these things because it’s a way of showing how much I want this planet to be there for future generations. Love your neighbor as yourself extends to being concerned for the environment. Caring for creation is a statement of faith.

Night Five Of #Hanukkah

As a non-Jewish person I find Hanukkah to be a celebration that requires dedication. It’s interesting that the miracle of the lights is a great story of spiritual illumination as more candles are lit in the menorah.

Night Two Of #Hanukkah

It’s night two of the Jewish celebration of Hanukkah. Although we are not Jewish it’s still a good thing to remember the miracle that the holiday is based on. God’s kids celebrating stuff together is what the world needs more of.

Second Sunday Of #Advent At St. Peter’s Episcopal Church

It’s the second Sunday of Advent at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church. It was a good service and we have new lights in the sanctuary. Everything is brighter.

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