First Sunday Of Advent At St. Peter’s Episcopal

Today is the first Sunday Of Advent in many places in the Christian Tradition. I am serving in worship at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church today. The road to Christmas has begun for real. Have a great Sunday everyone.

It’s Time For Christmas In July

Merry Christmas in July to all who observe. If you wanna put your tree up now who am I to judge. You do you boo. Maybe it could help some stuff.

Peace on Earth and Joy to the world. You know all the rest.

Festivus For The Rest Of US

Festivus is a secular holiday, normally celebrated on December 23rd. It is mainly meant as an alternative to the pressures and commercializtion of the Christmas season. However, it has also become a day to celebrate the ever-lasting comedy of the 1990s television show Seinfeld.

Enjoy this secular high-holy day.

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