A Powerful Commentary on Coronavirus and Christians

I believe in God and science and when science tells me that wearing a mask is the right thing to do I will love my neighbors as myself and wear a mask. It’s an easy thing to do to ensure the well being of all those around me during this time of the Coronavirus. I wish others would take heed to the science which can save lives.

Not Feeling The Flag and Fireworks Right Now

I admit patriotism is the last thing on my mind with the suffering going on. COVID and racial unrest should be dealt with. As long as people are dying and treated like second-class citizens then the promise of this nation is not being fulfilled. To me the fourth this year will just be another day.

I say this not to disparage the service of veterans but to just say that fireworks and flags aren’t what should be our focus right now.

Digging In The Dirt

If you look on social media lots of things are coming to light. People who hid things in the shadows are being exposed. Past faults are brought into the present. All will be revealed. People are being “canceled” for their present and past sins. Seems there is a lot of digging in the dirt and lots of mud is being slung. Maybe we need to deal with the speck in our own eyes for a change.

None of us is perfect. Sure some incidents need to be exposed and there needs to be measured accountability for severe wrong doing. Contrition can help pave a new way forward. People deserve a second chance. Grace is good.

Acts of hate and terror must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and those who do those acts must be punished. People who do physical and emotional harm must be brought to swift justice.

We live in a conflicted, confrontational world these days. Do your best to be your best my friends. Make this world a better place for all.

Is This The 21st Century? A Commentary

Serious question, do we live in the 21st century? There are lots of things that indicate we don’t. There have been some advances but not as many as one would hope.

People are still holding fast to the ideals of an earlier age. Banners of the losing team still fly as to intimidate people. Is it possible that another war like it would come to pass?

Old men are telling women what to do with their bodies and lives as it was the 19th century. LGBTQ people still struggle with acceptance. Transgender people are getting murdered. Intolerant religions seek to impose their values on those who don’t even believe as they do.

Racism is still the pandemic it always has been. Speaking of the pandemic we are going through a plague of our own now that has killed thousands.

Billy Joel once sang “We didn’t start the fire” that might be true but there comes a time when a generation has to put that fire out. That fire still burns and it’s been too long.

There are other problems, too many to list. When will it be the 21st Century, your guess is as good as mine because I have no idea.

Discrimination Is Hate

Discrimination is a manifestation of hate. The sooner discrimination goes away the better it is for everyone. It’s time that in this society we need to figure out how to bring everyone and I mean everyone to the table. If anyone be denied life, liberty, and happiness then it should be available to no one. Also, some church people need to figure out how to drop their need to have power and control over the lives of people who don’t even believe in God. It’s time you laid down your scripture missiles.

Commentary On Racism

In light of the senseless deaths of African American people at the hands of law enforcement officers, there should be greater background checks on recruits as well as mental fitness screenings. If a police officer is racist and mentally unfit that makes things worse and everyone is less safe. Racism is problem enough but adding people who are licensed to carry a firearm and are trained to subdue a human being is like adding gasoline to a fire. The stress of the job can bring out the worst in people and no one is safe when that happens.

Also living in fear of one another is hurting our society in so many ways. God said fear not and to love one another. The church should play a role in emphasizing that more than they do. My friends a reckoning is coming, and it might not be good for all of us.

What I Want To Be True: A Commentary

YouTube is a great place on the web but like anything you see on the Web you have to take with a grain of salt. In this time of pandemic you have to do your research and not let a video tell you something that might require more information. What we want to be true might not be what is factual. Be wary my friends. Accuracy is the difference in life and death these days.

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