To All My Followers

Friends, I realize we won’t agree on everything and that is cool. If you find anything I say offensive please let me know. This is my blog and I have invested money in it so I get to say what I want. Of course my posts come from a place of respect especially for people on the fringes who need someone to speak for them.

If you don’t like what I have to say you may unfollow me and I will not take it personally. I hope that what I have to say is met with equal respect and thoughtful commentary and feedback that isn’t personally hurtful. There is no reason to go there.

Thank you for following me and I welcome my newest followers from the past couple of weeks. I appreciate you.

Opening Our Hearts and Minds

In the days we live in its helpful to have a global perspective on what is going on with your friends and neighbors. We all have our own struggles and opinions but being isolated from the struggles and opinions of others does no one good. Our life experience informs us about how to live and what to think but that gives you a narrow view of life. Our own experience is not the experience of others.

We owe it to the world to be sympathetic, empathetic and understanding. Yes it’s easier said than done but it can happen if we work hard at it. Opening our hearts and minds can do great good. It takes courage and intention to do so. Something this writer needs to do better at.

A Ramble About Sometimes

Sometimes you are happy

Sometimes you are just very sad

Sometimes you are secure

Sometimes you are scared to death

Sometimes you are rich

Sometimes you are wondering about bills

Sometimes you are the life of the party

Sometimes you are in the corner alone

Sometimes you are prosperous

Sometimes you are barely getting by

Sometimes you are fully present

Sometimes you are totally lost

Sometimes you are faithful

Sometimes you are agnostic

Sometimes you are attractive

Sometimes you are just not appealing

Sometimes you are good

Sometimes you are wicked

Sometimes you are where you should be

Sometimes you are dreaming about elsewhere

Sometimes you are the comedy

Sometimes you are the tragedy

Sometimes you are, well Sometimes

Creative Blast: Charisma in Character

A preacher, a musician, a poet, an actor, an athlete all have the power to command your attention and to influence you. You see them on a stage and you find yourself looking up to them. They have charisma and character that moves you. How you react to their message is totally up to you. Some you pay to see others you view for free. You give them your time and treasure to see what they will do. You follow them and wait to see what they do and say next.

They are in your hearts and on your minds all the time. They have your attention. Every move they make you will know it from your social feed. These people become part of you.

Personality is a powerful thing and you find yourself wanting to copy them. Being in their presence is a religious experience bordering on obsession. If they offer merch you wear it, own it and it becomes a uniform that you wear in solidarity with others who are doing the exact same thing.

How do you break free or why would you want to?

Daily Prompt – Word Of The Day: Create

Bloggers create, writers create, artists create, musicians create, chefs create. When you create something you put a part of your point of view out there for the world to see, experience and consume. It takes courage to create things in the hope that others will like and enjoy it. The key is to do it for yourself first and don’t let others get you down when they don’t connect with your work. Being a people pleaser that is hard to do. One thing you can say is that you are brave enough to offer something different and from your heart. Go and create today!