The Blog Has A New Look, Using The 2015 #WordPress Theme


My blog has a new, different look. This is the 2015 WordPress Default theme and it does a lot of good things such as offering a clean look, plenty of space and a left-side sidebar (most blogs have their sidebar on the right). I am pleased with the modifications and the hue of blue its rocking. I hope it is easy on the eyes for most people. Tell me what you think in the comment section below. Thanks to you all. Keep on blogging good people.

Happy Monday, Live Dangerously


Not sure if we can say any Monday is happy or not but its another day to do good things despite our circumstances. Be safe my friends’ Coronavirus is an ever raging storm. Grace and peace to you all.

Little Women – A Terrific Movie With An Important Story #littlewomen

little-women-poster“Little Women” is a classic American tale of four strong sisters who love one another and are trying to make the best of the situation that the culture of the late 1800s that holds them back. The story has been made into movies for the cinema and mini-series for TV.

An all-star cast led by Greta Gerwig (who should have been nominated for an Oscar for best director for this adaptation) made a great movie for today’s audience. I really enjoyed the performances and the casting was great.

Themes of female empowerment are all throughout this as author Louisa May Alcott wrote it. However, empowerment is the freedom for women to make their own decisions about their own lives and to keep what they earn even in marriage.

It’s also a story about family sticking together no matter what happens in the world they live in even during a war. There are tragedies that impact the March family and their neighbors.

The March sisters were awesome and as I say the power of a woman who is free to be who she wants is unstoppable. Fangirls are one of the greatest forces for good past and present. This story is one of those that should remind women everywhere that sisterhood and friendship are vital. See this movie. It will move you and give you encouragement no matter if you are a little or big woman or even a man.

Blogging, Religious Just So You Know

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I am not a religious blogger. However, I am a blogger who is religious. The focus of this blog is the whole of my life in which religion and faith play just a part of. I believe in a higher heavenly power who is more commonly known as God. His/her son is pretty cool too.

Lately, I found I can breathe and believe as I wish in a mixed community of people. Sometimes being in the company of some who are religious you find yourself having serious and sometimes heated conversations about theology, doctrine, and dogma. Here on my blog, I would rather not face that. I just want to have a big tent here as much as possible. You can’t always do that elsewhere. So don’t be shocked if you see me post things that are secular and sometimes irreverent.

My religious posts are meant to inform and not proselytize. I don’t identify as Christian but I do identify as Episcopalian/Anglican and I find that suits me better. Now I do say that blogging is my second religion. Just so you know.

You Have Value, You Are Enough

As people seek ways to live and be their best selves they need to know they have value. I am not talking about money but something much more important that as they go through life they have something that can make their world better. Value and purpose in my mind go hand in hand.

As we discover our purpose what we do has value to those who are benefiting from the gifts you bring to the table. So many people are seeking their place and where they fit in. Some people are misfits but that doesn’t mean they are relegated to be on the outside looking in. They too can fit somewhere in someplace.

The value of a man (or woman) should be seen in what he gives and not in what he is able to receive.

Albert Einstein

People who are getting older want to be of use and to know they still matter in the grand scheme of things. For those who seek to serve they should be given every opportunity to do so. There is much work to be done and people really want to make a difference if you think about it. So my friends no matter who you are you have value, you are most certainly enough.

About My Writing/Blogging

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I am more of an old school blogger and less content creator. My writing is within the confines of creating a post of things I find sacred, serious and even silly. My posts are short and concise featuring writing, media and sometimes both. My goal is to be a good all-around blogger where I can connect with fellow bloggers and others.

Quick Blog Tips – Shaking The Blogging Block To Keep On Blogging! #bloggers #writing #writers

Everyone has a problem creating blog posts every now and again. If this is you try writing shorter posts like a paragraph or two. Post a favorite picture, quote, meme, YouTube video or a six word story. Smaller posts can help you remove the block and makes it more fun to create. Try these ideas out and most importantly keep on blogging!