Something About Free Speech

I believe in free speech but with freedom comes responsibility to say things that are factual and beneficial to humanity. Some who use their rights to smear and lie and create chaos need to be held accountable for their actions. Freedom comes with responsibility cannot be emphasized enough. The words of your heart can be the perfume of your soul and when you think about it that can be a dangerous thing.

Farewell Barbara Bush


Barbara and George Bush on their wedding day

The Bush family is the greatest political dynasty in American history. I didn’t agree with everything they did in politics but they are decent people who worked to make the world better in their own way.

Tonight this nation mourns Barbara Pierce Bush who devoted her life to service to the country as its First and Second Lady of The United States. Rest in power Mrs. Bush.

Keep Your Politics To Yourself

I have found that people who say keep your politics to yourself are the ones who hate being challenged because of theirs. Perhaps its people who have enjoyed the status quo for decades and when they have to be uncomfortable because what they believe is a system built on selfishness, privilege and some level of discrimination. We are starting to see this more and more as people start to ratchet up the level of hate.

Facebook’s Privacy Dilemma, It’s Pretty Sobering

facebookscreensMany of you have heard about the Facebook story involving Cambridge Analytica and user data being mined for political use. So many things you do on the site are being stored for research and some of it is being used to manipulate behaviors and opinion. You can search for more on this story for further details.

Now as a user of Facebook I am concerned about this. They aren’t taking user privacy seriously. Now is Facebook too big to fail in this situation, no…no they aren’t. Bigger websites have fallen over the years. The average user probably doesn’t care but those who do care might find themselves moving away.

No social network is immune from data mining because there are hackers out there who will find out anything for a price. Just think about what sort of information is being transmitted everyday across the World Wide Web. Your web searches show up on websites you visit because they are looking at your cookies. Very sophisticated technologies are being used to sell and influence people. Of course there is a lot of money to be made and they are doing it search by search and click by click.

The Internet has changed the world and revolutionized how we connect and do business in our lives. We all have to be vigilant in what we share with others. So my friends how are you who are on Facebook going to react. I think we all have much to think about as it comes to Facebook’s dilemma.

Mark Zuckerberg you gotta get your company in control lest it all goes away.

Boycotting The State of The Union Address For Reasons #sotu

I normally watch the State Of The Union address that is given to a joint session of Congress and most importantly the American people. However I just can’t listen to anything said by the current president. He’s not doing anything to make America “great” and most of what he will say I can’t trust. I’m not alone in this. I’m sorry, I just can’t. So tonight I will watch two TV shows about super heroes who in a fictional way are making their world’s better and safer. So The Flash and Black Lightning is where my attention will be focused. They are two heroes I can get behind. I will monitor the speech from Twitter ironically. I try to have a open mind but I have my limits.

Marching On

Marching on for a cause requires courage, determination and the desire to challenge power. People who want life, liberty and happiness for all do so because they want a life better for their sons and daughters than they had. We live in a time when fear and greed are so much a part of the agenda of some that they are making life hell for others. Marching on places like DC and NYC and all places in between means making ones voice heard. In my mind we need more marching, more people part of the process that have been held back in years past. Being for life means being sure everyone has the things needed to improve their situation. Today we should never forget Selma, Birmingham, Stonewall, Tiananmen Square, Cairo and so many other places that have shown us the way to create a more perfect place in many places around the world. Fight the power good people.

Something About Taxes

I am not an expert on taxes but if a tax plan doesn’t pay for itself or at least comes out balanced then perhaps it shouldn’t be forced upon the people who will have to pay for it. Here’s a hint, its not the billionaires or the super millionaires, it will be people who are of middle class and limited means. I am not certain anyone in Washington knows what they are doing.

I did call my senators to express my opinion and I hope it helps to persuade them but I am not holding my breath since they are a part of the problem.

Something About Office Politics

Office politics is a reality workers face. It’s not fun. However it’s not the reason you exist for your job it’s the end user, the customer, the client, the student, the volunteer. People who benefit from your work should be the primary mission of anyone on the job. Yes politics is a real issue in any office situation that can discourage us but it shouldn’t deter us from accomplishing our goals or performing tasks at hand. Keep on working and keep the main thing the main thing and hopefully that will take care of business.