Fake Rage Is Real Bad Stuff

Some things are worth getting mad about. Racism, homophobia, poverty, environmental destruction, etc. Some things are just made up by people so they can joust windmills because they need a scapegoat to place their fears. Fake rage as they call it can be harmful to real people. I worry about people who are put in harm’s way because of bad bills being put into law that come from a very bad place. So many more things are worth getting upset about like child abuse by people in authority. Life is hard enough without some people making it even more difficult. I hope people can learn to chill and put their anger in a better place.

Georgia Votes Again – Warnock vs. Walker

Today is run-off election day in Georgia where the race for the Senate will be finally decided. Will Georgia send Senator Rev. Raphael Warnock back for a full term or will it be former Georgia football star Hershel Walker. Let’s hope for the best and hope Warnock will be returned to DC. We should know something late this evening.

#Chattanooga Mayoral Election Update

NO winner was declared tonight. There will be a runoff in April between the two leading candidates Tim Kelly and Kim White. There will be a winner decided then.

Only 25% of the eligible voters cast ballots today. Not a good number if you ask me.

Local Politics Is Local, Democracy In Action

We in America just finished a national political cycle by electing a new President in Joe Biden. However local politics has more impact on the lives of people than those who are in national capitals.

In Chattanooga, Tennessee we are having a mayoral election coming up in March. These are mailers from two of the leading candidates who running for mayor. Tim Kelly is a businessman and Kim White is a community leader.

There are other candidates who are running but so far they haven’t sent anything. Doing mailings like this requires deep pockets. These candidates are also running TV commercials too. Unlike the national races you aren’t seeing any mud being slung which is refreshing.

So local politics is local and voting is as important if not more so. Voting is always important no matter what because democracy is a verb in as much as it is a noun.