Vote #Canada Vote! Make Your Voice Count On Monday #cdnpoli #elxn43


Canada goes to the polls on Monday. This is no way foreign interference but to encourage my Canadian friends to choose who will lead your nation into the future. My hope is that you will vote your values of fairness, inclusion, love and kindness. I hope you will choose wisely and make your vote count. I will be monitoring the election online via Twitter and other sources. Vote!

Happy Thanksgiving Canada, True North Celebrates! #canada #thanksgiving


To all my dear friends from True North, I wish you a wonderful celebration of thanksgiving. I love you all and hope for good things ahead for your home and native land. Always be proud to be who you are as Canadians.

Oh Canada Be Proud #TrueNorth #Canada


Having visited Canada its a great nation that should be second to none. It’s interesting that so many Canadians think coming to the USA is a step-up or perhaps viewing it as the “major leagues” of everything. Believe me the USA isn’t. There is so many stories to tell and things to do and be in Canada that you don’t have to cross the border to be successful. I also think that there needs to be less American TV in Canada because I find the acting and talent of Canucks to be so great and the shows they are producing are very interesting. Coming to America isn’t all that. Canadians stay True North! Oh Canada!

Yannick Bisson Responds! @CBCMurdoch @CBC #MurdochMysteries

When one of your favorite Canadian actors responds to a comment it is definitely a fanboy moment. Yannick Bisson was nice to respond to a Murdoch Mysteries themed question about a car he’s restoring. It is a highlight of what has been a tough week for me. Oh Canada!

Happy Canada Day! #truenorth #wethenorth #canadaday


July 1st is Canada Day and I celebrate it with my friends from True North. The country has a lot to be excited about including the Toronto Raptors winning the NBA title. It’s cool when it happens on a Friday or a Monday because its a 3-day weekend for Canadians. Oh Canada have a great celebration!