Well I Did It, I Registered A Domain Here – tonyburgess1969.net

I have a new address here for my WordPress blog… tonyburgess1969.net. I went ahead and got it because I have a feeling I will be blogging here quite a bit and I wanted to make it easier for folks to find me.

My experience here has been a good one. So I just want to sit down some cyber roots if you will. Lets see how things go. Thank you all for embracing me.

As a note I am not saying farewell to Tumblr. I think I want to be in a place where there are more creative people who are doing some really neat things. This will be good for me!

Read my blog at tonyburgess1969.net
Read my blog at tonyburgess1969.net

In Our Lives

I think we all need more peace, joy and grace in our lives. Recognizing many are suffering so its hard to feel any peace, have any joy or experience grace in ones life. The chaos we are exposed to daily makes it hard to be positive when negative events surround us. Many want to hide from reality but its not the way to go though.

All we can do is keep our heads up and hope things will get better. Don’t let the drama of external things keep you from taking care of the important things internally. Work for peace in your lives, have some joy that can keep you going and experience the grace of forgiveness and mercy from a higher power or from others in your life.

To Register Fancy Domain Name

Should I register a fancy domain name here with WordPress. Would I get any added benefit with it. I already have a domain name with Tumblr. I guess I need to decide if WordPress will be my preferred platform for blogging or not? Decisions, decisions.

Love Your Fellow Blogger

Behind every blog, there is a human being. That person is someones child, spouse, partner and friend. Being kind and showing love can have a ripple effect. In our world today so many are going through so much. Love one another and extend grace when needed. Of course we have to call out those who are not blogging by the Golden Rule but do it in a way that they will eventually be kind to others. We are all in this world and life together, be good for goodness sake.