Filtering Facebook

I have a lot of friends well some more acquaintances than people I would trust my life with on Facebook and I finally had to filter out some of the folks I follow because they post things that hurt my head and heart.  My political/religious/cultural leanings veer to the left and I am not sorry about that. Facebook seems to be a place where conflict happens frequently between people who normally like each other. You don’t discuss religion, politics and maybe sports with some people lest you get into a heated discussion. Sometimes you need to be challenged on what you think but other times you just want people you are like minded with. Filtering Facebook Friends can mean keeping the peace for long-term relationship preservation. Other times you just need to kick some “friends” to the curb.

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Tony "T-Bird" Burgess

Hi there, my name is Tony Burgess from Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA. I am a believer, bleeding-heart, idealist and blogger. I'm married to Laura and Cody is our dog. Daily I work for a blood bank. My blog is where I chronicle and curate the sacred, serious and silly things in my life. I am a member of The Episcopal Church. Thank you for connecting with me. Grace, peace, and love!

2 thoughts on “Filtering Facebook”

  1. I can’t say I’m right or left but lately I feel the need to tell people not to tell me their political party lest I judge them. I know it’s wrong but I do. There are things that can be learned from both sides of the fence and one political stance doesn’t usually sum up all a person really feels. The media has twisted things so badly and it seems so confusing to me. Just be you a political stance doesn’t make you right or wrong. How you conduct yourself, how you treat others and how you live your life determines that.

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  2. I find those posts to be rough on my feelings towards my friends. I don’t agree with their politics, etc and it does make a difference in my feelings towards them. Then again there is dissent in my close family and that can be problematic as we have to try not to talk politics here at home even.

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