The 11 nations of the United States – Business Insider

“The political parties come and go but the values of the regional cultures are always at play.”

Source: The 11 nations of the United States – Business Insider

This reminds me a little of the TV show “Revolutions” where there were different national territories established after the power went out across the world. It also has shades of Panem of “The Hunger Games”

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6 thoughts on “The 11 nations of the United States – Business Insider”

  1. I am speechless about this report. It couldn’t misrepresent the Indigenous of North America any more than it does. It certainly does demonstrate though, that the need for all North American schools to update and correct their history curricula is dire.


      1. You may be right in some respects, because we are so much smaller, but honestly when it comes to the nations that were originally on these lands, both Canada and the U.S. are woefully inadequately educated about us. That is not an indictment of the average citizen; we are well aware of the full, concerted efforts our governments undertook to erase the part of history upon which the countries were built.
        We endeavor, with the new education and voices we carry now thanks to the advancing technologies, such as social media.
        These discussions are so very, very important.


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