Chattanooga Area Pastor’s new book shines light on bullying in the church | Times Free Press

Bullying is a form of intimidation often identified with school rooms, locker rooms and internet chat rooms. But the church? The refuge where we are admonished to love one another as Jesus loves us?

Source: Soddy pastor’s new book shines light on bullying in the church | Times Free Press

I have been in the church for the vast majority of my life and the church is supposed to be a haven and a sanctuary for people. Places of worship are to be places of love, understanding and safety. From my own experiences its not always the case.

Bullying is a thing people deal with in the world and even the church. There are a lot of reasons why it happens. None of us is perfect so that is why we turn to a higher power to help us be the best we can be. I, myself have been bullied in church and even in the church related college I graduated from.

This article from my hometown newspaper tells the story of why bullying happens. Its more complex than just someone picking a fight. Houses of worship can be wonderful places of community and connection but in many places there is dysfunction just like an any family.

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