Slumdog Millionaire, A Terrific Movie With Determination and Heart


This movie has universal themes of survival, hope and rising above ones circumstances. Dev Patel is a great actor and shines in this great movie. I am not sure how true-to-life the situations are in it so some of my fellow Indian bloggers can help me with that question. This film won an Academy Award for best picture so it has to be good.

3 Replies to “Slumdog Millionaire, A Terrific Movie With Determination and Heart”

  1. There is definitely some truth in the slum stories, but it has need heightened for cinematic purposes. Of course rags to riches stories happen but this ,ya be s little extreme! A great film though!

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  2. I agree with what Ritu said. The life of slum dwellers as shown in the movie is pretty much close to the reality. But that’s not what defines India. I remember at one point after the movie released a lot of outsiders thought that this is how India is. I remember watching a video on Youtube where this Youtuber was playiing this game called rapid fire with some Americans. When the question asked was about the India their answer was slumdog millionaire. Its not something offensive … its just a misconception. Apart from all that …. it is a brilliant movie. 🙂


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